El Canaca (The Canaca Guy)

El Canaca (The Canaca Guy)

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El Canaca (The Canaca Guy) was a Mexican YouTube celebrity who accidentally rose to fame after giving a drunken interview on El Show de la Barandilla, a Cops-esque show about oft-comical police interventions against drunkards. Following the interview, the footage was soon uploaded onto YouTube and became an instant phenomenon, having received over 6 million views as of September 2009.


It all started when the local police arrested a drunk driver named Guillermo Lopez Langarica in Guadalajara, Mexico. Immidiately following his arrest, Mr. Langarica gave an interview for the TV crew who were on site, during which he made complaints about his wrongful detainment and that he was indeed drunk-driving but had not “crashed yet” when the police approached him. Furthermore, he accused the local police of robbing 50,000 Mexican pesos under his private possession. When asked about the origin of the money, Mr. Lopez identified himself as an employee of Promotora Mexicana Gaitán and the son of a powerful man who served as the President of an orgnization called “CANACA,” which allegedly stood for Centrales de Abastos de la República Mexicana. According to Wikipedia, there is no organization that’s known by the acronym CANACA in Mexico.

Transcript in English

Reporter: Sir, you were driving like this.
Guillermo: Of course.
Reporter: Aren’t you drunk, drinking?
Guillermo: So? I haven’t crashed!
Reporter: You could crash.
Guillermo: And where’s my $50,000 pesos?? I had 100 $500 bills!
Reporter: What’s your profession?
Guillermo: I’m a merchant. I’m from “Mexican Promoter Gaytan”. Street 6630,6713333! I’m son of the father!
Reporter: ??
Guillermo: I- I’m the owner’s son! Miguel Angel Gaytan Uribe. President of the “CANACA”!
Reporter: What’s that?
Guillermo: The…“CANACA”! Supply Central…of the Mexican Republic!
Reporter: You could kill someone in the state you’re in.
Guillermo: And what about me?
Reporter: You could kill-
Guillermo: And what abou me? Huh? Look! (showing arms and feet) Look at that! Point the camera! (famous line) I was tied up like a PIG! Look! And that other time! And what about my $50,000 pesos? Look! Point over there!

Popular Catchphrases

  • ¿Y qué? No he chocado (So what? I haven’t crashed yet)
  • Apúntele bien (Literay meaning: “Write this down”, but he meant: “aim correctly”)
  • Soy hijo del papá (I’m son of the father)
  • ¡Me amarraron como puerco! (They tied me like a pig!!)

Tragic Death & Media Coverage

On September 25, 2008, Mr. Langarica was killed in a car accident after getting run over by a heavily intoxicated woman driving a Dodge Neon. According to the news, Mr. Langarica was totally sober when the accident occurred. When the police arrived, the woman claimed someone had put the body under her car. The fact immediately made it to national news and was featured in Mexico’s most prominent news reports and newspapers.


His famous line, the awesomeness of a drunk guy on the news, and just the random stupidness of what he says makes for total lulz. As proven once more through Tengo Miedo phenomenon in 2008, the combination of an Average Joe drunkard + police officers + TV crew has become sort of a golden formula for nation-wide media exposure in Mexico.

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