The Sirtom93 Incident

The Sirtom93 Incident

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The Sirtom93 Incident

The Sirtom93 Incident is about Thomas Briggs, aka Sirtom93, a British student who claimed he was going to set his school on fire. He made a topic on March 17, 2009 titled This is it on the Newgrounds general forum that stated:

Today at 11:30 GMT I will attack my school with arson and other forms of violence. Those bastards will pay.

Watch here –

It says “Sirtom’s Petrol” but my webcam fails.

The post include this image.

The Newgrounds Community’s Response

The Newgrounds community did not take Sirtom’s plan lightly, as users Rig and deckheadtottie phoned the police to prevent Sirtom’s foolish idea from ever occuring. The thread also produced a popular Newgrounds phrase said by administrator Wade Fulp that said “Leave this topic, authorities are being contacted.”

Rig’s Series of Events

Rig made a tl;dr version of the story, which says:

Time: EST (GMT)

March 17th

6:40 AM (10:40 AM)
Thomas Briggs, aka sirtom93, claims that he’s gonna burn his school down at 11:30 AM GMT. Also made a thread here.

6:58 AM (10:58 AM)
I call the Norfolk cops.

7:07 AM (11:07 AM)
deckheadtottie calls the cops.

7:14 AM (11:14 AM)
Wade provides information to deckheadtottie, who relays to cops.

7:30 AM (11:30 AM)
Thomas Briggs personal info found, relayed to cops via the thread and the school via deckheadtottie.

10:52 AM (2:52 PM)
School phones deckheadtottie and informs him that the matter is being dealt with and the police are involved.

11:40 AM (3:40 PM)
Thomas Briggs arrested before damage dealt. Detective calls me asking for information about other NG users.

12:10 PM (4:10 PM)
The school phones deckheadtottie and says the matter has been dealt with, thanks to NG.

12:40 PM (4:40 PM)
One of the users in question phones the detective themselves, second user a mystery.

3:09 PM (7:09 PM)
Am told that Thomas Briggs will be in custody overnight, evidence still being collected.

7:00 PM (11:00 PM)
I got information on the second guy, and sent it off to the detective.

Tom is still in custody, under the mental health act.

March 18th

Tom was able to make a few phone calls from prison. He said that he never intended to do it, that he brought the knife, matches, and supposedly flammable liquid into school to show off or something.

May 30th
I got an unconfirmed report that he’s being held in a “secure psychiatric unit”.

Early March, 2010
Preliminary hearings begin.

News Stories About the Incident

News stations and papers heard about the event. The following articles are about sirtom93’s incident.
BBC News Article
Norwich Evening News
The Sun Article
Mail Online Article

The Sun’s article on sirtom93.

Sirtom93 Parodies

Many parodies were made about this incident, such as:

How I Buy Petrol?
Sirtom93:The Movie
Sirtom93 – The Game!
Sirtom93’s Adventure
Sirtom93’s Adventure!
Sirtom – The truth behind
SirTom69 Finds His Petrol
Sirtom93 Plays With Fire
Dress Up Sirtom93
Dress Up SirTom!
Dress Up Sirtom 2.0
The SirTom93 Collab

After the Event

Almost eight months after the incident, Sirtom made a post on BBS on November 11, 2009 that said “Hey Guys :3” which was followed by another post saying “I’m in the hospital, be out by march :3”

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