Ever wondered what a highlighter in the microwave looks like?

Ever wondered what a highlighter in the microwave looks like?

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Even though microwaving random objects, such as highlighters, is nothing new, as there are videos of this which date back to 2008 or even before, there was little interest in highlighters being microwaved except for those who knew what happened until on July 4, 2013, this now famous picture began making the rounds on Reddit, being compared to fireworks (as July 4 is Independence Day in the United States and is celebrated with fireworks). Suddenly, this picture began to spread like wildfire, being posted everywhere, and suddenly videos on YouTube which had very few views before that were suddenly gaining a lot of attention. This quickly spread to Tumblr, which led to it eventually spreading to Facebook. Within days, the highlighter in the microwave had become a meme, it soon spawned imitations, such as VHS tape in the microwave.

The interest has grown to where many people afterwards began microwaving highlighters, which joined eggs, soap, CDs, potato chip bags, grapes, lit matches, and marshmallows as the “it” thing everyone had to try. Suddenly this began appearing on sites such as Yahoo! Answers and GirlsAskGuys. Unfortunately, people did not realize that this was not approved as a safe idea. People who actually attempt this or watch the videos are surprised at how loud the highlighters are when they explode, and many are surprised if they attempt it how hard the mess is to clean up, despite warnings about how hard it is to clean from those who have done this. However, few of the everyday people who have tried it posted a video of it.

The only major microwave show that has not attempted highlighters is “dOvetastic Microwave Theater”, the original microwave show which began in 1991. Due to the potential demand, he may eventually microwave a highlighter or multiple highlighters.

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