Good Heavens, Just Look At The Time

Good Heavens, Just Look At The Time

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“Good Heavens, Just Look At The Time” is an image macro series used as a trolling or threadjacking device in forum and imageboard threads. The macro consists of a clock with numbers replaced by a word or image and is most commonly used as a warning before flooding the thread with the said content.


While there are no screenshots available of the original post, most anecdotal accounts and Google Insights data suggest that the meme originated on 4chan with the “Rape Clock” image macro posted in late 2007:

This particular instance depicts the monster character “Pyramid Head” from Silent Hill 2 pointing at the clock with the word “rape” written all over, with the caption reading: “Good Heavens, Just Look at the Time.” The macro is almost always used to imply that the thread is doomed.

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With variations of clock image macros, the image macro (or the phrase as a standalone) has also been used as a prompt for the thread topic or as an early warning before dumping content similar to Goofy Time and in some cases, as a method of threadjacking, or intentionally derailing from the original thread topic.



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The Hedgehog
The Hedgehog

Oh my god, I just saw this image and had a huge flashback to when I used to lurk on the forums. This image actually originated way back in like 2004 or something and was posted by a guy named “mrX”, the original being the 60’s style woman looking at the clock with the “KILL YOURSELF” at the bottom. It’s amazing it’s become a meme so many years later, I still remember falling off my chair when I first saw it.


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