If You Want to Think That, Then Do So in Your Mind Only

If You Want to Think That, Then Do So in Your Mind Only

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“Cogito ergo sum”


“If You Want to Think That, Then Do So in Your Mind Only (Japanese: お前が思うんならそうなんだろう お前ん中ではな, Omae ga Omounnnara Sounandarou, Omaen Nakadeha na), sometimes dubbed as “Hidamari Fight” (ひだまりファイト), refers to a collaged photo consisting of the phrase from Japanese manga Shojo Fight[1] written by Yowoko Nihonbashi and a picture of Yuno from the TV anime series for Japanese 4-panel comic strip Hidamari Sketch[2] by Ume Aoki. It has been used as reaction face or reaction Shift-JIS art in both Futaba Channel (2chan) and 2channel since around early 2009.


The phrase is taken from the 4th chapter of the manga where Shigeru Shikishima talked with Neri Oishi, the protagonist convincing herself that the traffic death of her older sister was caused by the sister’s teammates in a high school volleyball club (shown below, left). That childhood friend of her said this phrase to expostulate with her who had that unjustified resentment based on misunderstanding and refused to face to the truth. The comic book including this episode was released in 2006.

Meanwhile, the original of Yuno’s smile picture is taken from the 1st episode in TV anime Hidamari Sketch aired in 2007 (shown below, right).

This is a funsub and there are no proper translations for this phrase because official English version for the manga hasn’t released. Other English translations found on the web are “If you think so, You could to Yourself” and “If you think so, it must be so.”


That panel of the impressive remark became to be utilized as a reaction image to mock at injudicious and foolish person on 2chan circa 2008 or early 2009. Several derivatives combining other characters images and the remark’s balloon had been made in those days. Yuno’s one was one of those instances in 2chan (shown below, left). This picture modifying her pure smile into look of contempt with glazed eyes got the best popularity among those derivatives. Its Shift-JIS version was born in 2channel around March 2009 (shown below, right), and both picture and Shift-JIS art quickly spread throughout the Japanese web via many affi-blogs, blogs reprinting 2channel’s threads for the purpose of earning money by Google Adsense or Amazon Associate Program.

Inspired by this picture, dozens of parody illustrations are uploaded to Japanese illustrator’s communities pixiv[3] and Nico Nico Seiga.[4]

Feedback to the Creators

On September 9th, 2009, Yowoko Nihonbashi asked to her followers about the picture of a cute girl uttering Shigeru’s line which sometimes came into her field of vision on Twitter.[5] 3 hours after she became to recognise Yuno, she posted a tribute illustration for Yuno by herself (shown below, left).[6] In response, Ume Aoki draw Neri and showed her appreciation to that Ms. Nihonbashi’s illustration and a person who made that photo collage in her doujin book released at Comiket79 in December 2009 (shown below, right).

Umm, it seems like someone made a reference to “Girl Fight!” with a drawing of Yuno from the first episode of the Hidamari anime…

Then it found its way onto the internet where Nihonbashi saw it, and then she drew her own version of Yuno…

I have all of Nihonbashi’s comics books, so when I found out about all that from a friend of mine I was really shocked and over joyed at the same time!!!!! I super totally love Machizou!!!!!

I was so happy about it, I started thinking about what I could do it return… and then it hit me! All of a sudden I thought “Hey! I’m making a doujin book aren’t it!?” So I gave drawing one of her characters a shot!

Via: Apricot+ “Shikou Teishi” p13

As a result of this, Yuno’s photo collage made in 2chan led to form a friendship of these two female creators. In June 2010, both of them showed approval and appreciation to people who made the photo collage and the Shift-JIS art on their Twitter[7][8] when it was revealed that Ume Aoki joined into a guest writer in the supplementary comic book for Shoujo Fight vol.7 Special Edition released in the following month

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