Little Squidward (Hey Little Squidward!, Whats grey and ugly and has 6 arms? THUH PENIS!)

Little Squidward (Hey Little Squidward!, Whats grey and ugly and has 6 arms? THUH PENIS!)

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Little Squidward is a fictional character that came originally from the Sponge bob Square pants series in the episode ‘The Paper’ where Squidward tries to use it to have more fun than Spongebob.

In another television show ‘Beavis and Butt head’ during a sex education classroom from an unknown episode, the teacher (Buzzcut) screams out ‘The Penis’ although it had been pronounced as ‘THUH PENIS!’. This has been hidden to be found on YouTube but this video was the closet to find the saying.

This was then put together in the YouTube Poop called ‘Patrick is Rising’ where it shows the scene from Sponge bob with the saying of THUH PENIS from the teacher. It was then shown at ) 0:37 of the video with the saying “Hey Little Squidward! What’s grey and ugly and had 6 arms?” “THUH PENIS” followed by a strange unknown grunt and a shocked Squidward afterwards.

The scene was then taken by the You Tuber ‘themachineking’ ( who had the idea of creating the video with anything he could think of that could be related to anything of that saying either with ‘THUH PENIS’ or the video in general to create an humor effect to the audience and hoping that it would become an popular meme.


During the day that the channel “TheLittleSquidward” has been created (, there have been some uploads of videos relating to other subjects including:


Team Fortress 2,

Nyan Cat

Angry Birds,

Dr. Ivo Robotnik


and the “Squidward” meme.

It also has a wikispace page ( ), and a FaceBook page ( )

Google Insight


The creator hopes to continue the process of the Little Squidward due to that YouTube has now made it a profitable icon and is now making money off Google Adsence but some process has been stopped due to the creators work in his other account "themachineking’ and his study’s in real life.

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