Native Faith

Native Faith

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Native Faith (Japanese : ネイティブフェイス) is a popular soundtrack from Touhou series.

Similar to other soundtracks in this doujin video game series, many remixes for this song has been created in doujin/internet community, and this is also set to an audio resource for MADs on the Japanese video sharing service Nico Nico Douga (NND).

This entry also introduces 2 popular remixes of this song : “Faith-Circulating Melody ~ Native Faith” and “Kero ⑨ destiny”.


This song is Suwako Moriya’s theme from the 10th Touhou game Mountain of Faith which was first released at the 72th Comiket in August 17th, 2007.[1]

Faith-Circulating Melody ~ Native Faith

“Faith-Circulating Melody ~ Native Faith” (信仰風化曲 ~ Native Faith) is a popular remix of this song made by the doujin group dBu music.[2] It was first released on their Touhou remix album Elegant Music of the Assembling Gods Oratario del Vento (神交風雅曲 Oratario del Vento, Fuugakyoku -), released at the 73rd Comiket in December 31st, 2007.

This remix is mainly reused in MADs on NND.

Kero ⑨ destiny

“Kero ⑨ destiny” (ケロ⑨destiny), sometimes translated to “Ribbit ⑨ destiny”, is also a popular remix of this song made by the doujin group Silver Forest.[3] It was first released on their Touhou remix album Touhou Blue Sky Songs (東方蒼天歌, Touhou soutenka), released at the same day as that of dBu music’s album above.

Similar to other popular Touhou remixes, this song also includes many parodies of internet fads and subcultures: Yaranaika?, Nice Boat., Futae no Kiwami, Let’s Go, Yin-yang Master!, Kotonoha Katsura from School Days, Japanese celebrities and TV commercial movies.

Though this song doesn’t have the official promotion video, many fanmade animations were posted to NND. And this one above has got over 2.5 million views through YouTube and NND.[4]


Soon after the video game was released, its soundtracks were reuploaded to NND. Many Touhou fans began making remix, fan arts and other derivatives for this game, and Native Faith was frequently set to a subject of their activities.[5] In particular, some people were fascinated by its very elaborate melody line, and challenged to cover it.

In the field of MADs, The video that led to a substantial increase in popularity of the series was posted to NND on April 10th 2008, titled “Faith-Circulating Melody for Donald ~ Native Faith”.[6] This is also a derivative of one of the biggest phenomena on NND Donald McDonald – Ran Ran Ru. And this MAD video reused dBu music’s remix for its music resource.

As of September 2011, the amount of videos related to this song is over 1400.[7] In addiion, Kero ⑨ destiny has over 900 videos alone.[8]

Outside Japan

This song was also imported to YTPMVs. Not a few videos have been posted to YouTube.


For more videos, check out the videos section in this entry.

Music Covers



【CMCスリープオーディオ】NATIVE PONYレイジ× 7-1ポニーでの死者数 (See also : My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Kero ⑨ destiny Dance

Kero ⑨ destiny is not only a resource for MAD but also a subject for one of the most popular activites among NND users “I’ve tried dancing it” (踊ってみた). This video posted on NND in April 2009 introduced the original dance for this song and triggered its fad.[10] Over 400 dancing videos have been posted to there.[11]

In September 2010, the offline meet-up for NND dancers which was held in Hokkaido Prefecture gathered over 200 people and performed this dance in all together.[12]

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