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Nice Boat.

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Nice Boat refers to a meme spawned from a 4chan comment about a Japanese programming decision to air pleasant stock footage rather than the final episode of the anime School Days due to the episode's similarity to a recent tragedy in the country. Amidst the outrage over the decision, a 4chan commenter wrote "Nice boat" about a portion of the stock footage, quickly turning into a meme in the community.


In September of 2007, on the day before the airing of the final episode of the School Days anime in Japan, a 16-year-old girl killed her father with an axe in Kyoto.[1] Due to an extremely similar scene present in the episode and to avoid relation to the axe murder, TV Kanagawa replaced the episode with a half-hour of unrelated scenery while "Air on a G String" played in the background. Included in the footage was a Norwegian ferry (shown below).

Among the shock and rage expressed among fans, a 4chan user commented "Nice Boat," referring to the Norwegian ferry shown in the replacement footage (shown below).

「Anonymous 09/18/07(Tue)13:17 No.6151974 Last episode of School Days is live action. >>「Anonymous 09/18/07(Tue)13:19 No.6152009 都合によ 番組を変更してお送tleiCLt File :1190135978.ipg-(38 KB, 640x480, 11901358959868d7f ipg) Or just some bizarre slideshow of photos. >>「Anonymous 09/18/07(Tue)13:20 No.6152023 Jp >>「Anonymous 09/18/07(Tue) 13:21 No.6152041 File :1190136064.ipg-(50 KB, 640x480, 119013599237840bb.ipg Nice boat.


The phrase quickly became a meme, though it is more popular in Japan than in English speaking countries. The scene spawned multiple pieces of fan art blending School Days and the phrase "Nice Boat" (examples shown below).

都合によ 番組を変更し てお送りしています。 Nice boat! Nice Boat. HTTP:PICHIGO.BULHA.nL? 都合によリ 潘組を変更しACお送りしています。 Takea good hard look at the motherf@# $ un) boat IM ON A BOAT I'm on a boat mothert@$#er take a look at me. Straight flowing on a boat on the deep blue sea. Busting five knots, wind whipping out my coat. You can't stop me motherf@$#er because I'm on a boat.

The author of School Days, 0verflow, renamed their Comiket 73 booth to Nice Boat in honor of the meme.[2] There is an entry on the meme on the Lurkmore Wiki.[3]

In 2020, an episode of Interspecies Reviewers was cancelled and replaced with footage of boats, leading some to speculate it was a reference to the "Nice Boat" meme.

NEWS: Tokyo MX Cancels Interspecies Reviewers TV Anime Broadcast in Japan, Replaces Timeslot With Show About Boats (NSFW) + More: 7:25 AM · 2/7/20 · SmarterQueue

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Nice Burrito ナイィス·バリィィト Vow this is a really Nice boat! EOTRS IS OP!! DONT WORRY MAKOTO, EA NERFED THE NICE BOAT THE NICE BOAT IS READY TO SAIL ニセボアツ Nice Boat Just a history of a nice boat xICE BOATS ARE 撮 の

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Tokyo MX removed Ishuzoku Reviewers from their channel because they decided it was too hot. Guess what some wiseass in the scheduling team did:

Yeah, they NICE BOAT'd the vacated timeslot. The meme still lives.


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