Giuseppe Simone

Giuseppe Simone

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Giuseppe Simone is an Italian YouTuber, known in Italy for his raving videos, where he constantly complains about not having a girlfriend.
Giuseppe Simone is a 39-year-old, obese, unemployed man who lives in a country house in Neviano, a small town in the southern Italian region of Apulia. His videos are all low-quality, and in them he shows his various animals, like chickens and cats, and complains about the fact that women don’t like him and insults them with rather offensive terms.
The humour of his videos comes from the fact that Giuseppe talks of himself as being handsome and he says that country girls don’t understand his charm, and that he should emigrate to Northern Italy to find a job and a girlfriend.
In some videos he bursts in rage against some Italian porn actresses he contacted but never answered him, insulting them and assuming they don’t want him because he is poor and has no job.
In other videos he explains some dubious “tuturials” like “Come asciugarsi i coglioni” (“How to wipe your bollocks”), “Come far bagnare una donna” (“How to make a woman wet”) and “Come pulirsi il culo” (“How to clean your ass”).
Almost all his videos are reuploading from other channels, since Giuseppe’s YouTube channels constantly get flagged and removed, and he keeps changing them every once in a while.


We don’t know much about Giuseppe’s life. He was born on 18th January, 1974 in Casarano, a small town near Neviano. He attended a professional high school in Otranto, another city in Apulia. After school he spent two years in the Italian Navy as a master chef, and after that he did a lot of different jobs like farmer and postman. In some videos he also mentioned having worked in an employment agency and in the National Park of Circeo.

He comes from a very big family, he has 3 brothers and a sister, but they have all left him alone.

We also know that Giuseppe’s parents divorced when he was 16.

A popular rumor says that Giuseppe Simone has never had a girlfriend in his life and never had sex without paying.


In 2010 he uploaded his first videos in YouTube, one of which is an appeal for a job and sees him interviewed by a mysterious female voice; and the other one is an appeal for a girlfriend.
It is hard to define the exact order in which these two videos were uploaded, since the date on the camera is “11-04-2010”, and it could be both 11th April and 4th November. The other video, however, dates 08-14-2010, so it makes sense that it was recorded on 14th August, thus making the job appeal a later video.

This is believed to be the first video made by Giuseppe Simone. It is a recharging by another account as the original video was lost. In this video he claims to be 36 years old, to be searching for a girlfriend between the ages of 26 to 46, and it ends with him saying his cell phone and house phone numbers.

The other “introducing” video. He is interviewed by a mysterious female and he talks about his work life and appeals for a job. He ends by announcing his phone numbers, e-mail address, Skype username and MSN contact.


Giuseppe Simone became popular because of his own videos and also because he started being featured in Italian YouTube Poops around 2012.

Interviewed by Andrea Diprè

Giuseppe Simone reached the apex of his popularity in 2013, when he was interviewed by Italian “art critic” Andrea Diprè, in his column “Diprè per il sociale” (“Diprè for society”). He was interviewed for three times, and in these interviews, while he is supposed to appeal for a job, he pretty much repeats the same concepts as in his videos, like insulting porn actresses and appealing for “vagina” rather than a job.

What follows are the interviews from Diprè’s official YouTube channel.

“Giuseppe Simone and the gift packs for Andrea Diprè”. The first interview dates back to 22nd May 2013. The title refers to some souvenirs Giuseppe gave Andrea during the video to thank him for this opportunity. Among these there is astonishingly some dog food, that Giuseppe claims to be a topping for “friselle”, a snack food typical of his area.

“Giuseppe Simone asks for a kilogram of vagina at ANDREA DIPRE’ FOR SOCIETY”. The purpose of job search is almost completely abandoned, and Giuseppe just angrily insults some women that refused him. It is dated 13th June 2013.

“Giuseppe Simone does erotic gymnastics in front of Andrea Diprè”. The last interview to date, dated 17th July 2013. In the first part Giuseppe is topless, but is soon reprehended by the owner of the bar where the interview takes place, that shouts from off-screen “This is still a serious local!”

It is interesting to notice that in this videos Giuseppe says he’s been searching for “vagina” for five years, so it’s probable that he started making videos in 2008, when he wasn’t yet famous.

In a more recent video, uploaded by Diprè on 28th October 2013, Giuseppe Simone gets rather angry at Andrea Diprè, saying that he is a “monello” (“scoundrel”, the typical insult he addresses to women) and he has exploited Giuseppe only to get more popularity for himself. At the end of the video, Giuseppe throws Diprè a bucket of water. They both keep grinning during the video so their fight was probably fake.

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