Yaplap (Screaming My Little Pony Songs)

Yaplap (Screaming My Little Pony Songs)

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Yaplap is a famous Youtuber for his screaming parodies of My Little Pony songs which are done for a comedic effect. The song will have the use of the word “fuck” but it will be shown as “F*CK”, possibly for the use of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is originally a children’s show


Yaplap started as a comedic Youtuber making short original films with videos only reaching 1, 000 views per video. He does videos with his brother as well yet his name is not mentioned. They are just two brothers with a couple of talented friends.

His first video uploaded with this idea was the theme song for the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


The videos have increased his views by hundreds and thousands making a total of 1,708,878 upon his channel. The popularity of the video have ended up with more uploaded videos upon his channel.


Animated responces have been made for one so far

Other responses include remixes with his work or videos made

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Internet meme
Internet meme

These are just videos. Not a meme in itself.
As Jew stated below, .mov counts as a meme due to the ridculous amount of views and multiple other factors.
And besides..most of the things Paul makes are insta-deadpool anyway.
One day this could be confirmed. Just gonna take a looong time.

Jolly Jew
Jolly Jew

uuugh ffs, not every little video series is a meme! especially if it’s about MLP:FiM there are ENOUGH pony entries! we will only need more when it will be something big and distinct. this is barely noticble, not memetic at all and is only known by the brony community (and even not many bronies know about this)

so +1 deadpool.

hotdigitydemon’s videos got an entry becase they were big and regognizeble by none bronies as well, each with a few million views and quite a few catchphrases and fads that spawned from that. not like this one

and please PLEASE consult in the meme research forum about any future pony entries. we have enough attention. any more will make people angry


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