Post Ending in X

Post Ending in X

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How To Play

Post Ending in X wins Y is a lottery game played on chan imageboards, in which the OP (original poster) randomly posts a winning number--usually the last two digits of a post number--with a reward and whoever replies with a matching post number (located next to post time/date) is omg teh winrar. It’s kinda like digital bingo.


For instance, if the OP says “first post ending in 43 tells me what to do with my life,” then the reply “#144360543: quit 4chan forever” would be the winning advice (screenshot). There are many variations of this game, most notably “Post Ending in X gets to name Y” and roll posting (NSFW) where the OP assigns instructions to numbers 0-9, which would correspond to the last digit of each post number. There is also a type of post game where you guess at your post number for a picture reward, yay!


At some points, when there is a GET nearby, a lot of “Post Ending in X” topics tend to go up. Because both games are heavily posted across imageboards, some consider it as a form of spamming.

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