birthday scenario game mafch up {he scenario for bir+h month & character for your day Jan-swi+ch lives wifh Feb- married to Mar - handcuff ed (for life) +0 Apr - best friends wi+h - a band wiåh Jun-såuck on an island wi+h Jul- hostaTV show with Aug- sword fight Wilh Sep- create dones of - mortal enemies wifh Nov —frapped in prison with Dec— replace he humon population Wifh +ry your friends, and celebraies.' don'å too seriously have fun! a Mud kip 2.MickeyMouse 18. a werewolf I q. Cookie Mor.ßer q. Cat 20. kir by 5. Lodg Gaga 21. Ninnie 2i.Ju9in Bieber Yoshi 7. Voldemort 23. S. a unicorn 24. q. Obama 10. Pi kachu Pacman 12. Bowser a rele+ubby Saroh 15. a 9hOS+ Edword Cunen a vampire . Sonia Claus a Pikmin 26. Jackie Chan 28. 29. your mom 30. Wall-E Harry Po#er

Birthday Scenario Game

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Birthday Scenario Game is an online forum game and social media activity that involves matching up the month and date of one's birthday in a calendar list of pre-assigned situations or scenarios. Similar to other birthday-related word games and survey memes, the Birthday Scenario Game has a particularly strong presence on Tumblr and Facebook.


The original instance of Birthday Scenario Game was posted via webcomic blog Chibird[1] by Jacqueline on June 14th, 2011. The list consisted of various phrases and pop culture references paired with 12 months and 31 days of the calendar year, with each month representing an action and each date representing a well-known fictional or non-fictional character. According to the description, Jacqueline came up with the game based on an elementary school game she was introduced through a friend.

birthday scenario game match up the scenario for your birth month & character for your day Jan-switch lives with.your betfriend i7. a Mudkip Feb- married to 2. Mickey Mouse 18. a we rewolf Mar-handcuffed (for life)to 3.Morio . Cookie Monster handcuff ed (for life Apr- best friends with 4. Nyan Cat 20. Kir by 5. Lady Gaga 21. Winnie ooh May-stort a band with Jun-stuck on an island with Jul- hostaTV show with 6. Yoshi 7. Voldemort 23. Chuck Norris 24. a vampire 8. a unicorn Aug-sword fight with Sep- create cdones of Oct - mortal enemies with q Barot Obama 25. Santa Claus 1o. Pikachu 26. a Pikmin acman27. Jackie Chan 12. Bowser 28. Spongebob your mom I.P Nov trapped in prison with Dec- replace the humon 3. a Teletubby 2«. 4. Saroh Polin 30. Wall-E population with try your friends, family, and15. a ghost celebrities! don't take it too6. Edword seriously 31. Harr Potter Cullen have Fun! chibird


Prior to the introduction of Birthday Scenario Game, the concept of word association games based on personal information has been previously explored through the No. 1 Song on My Birthday surveys as early as 2004 and Your NPR Name on Twitter in 2009.


About a month later, a text-only version of the game was submitted by Seventeen Answerology user mariella14 on July 13th, 2011. Throughout the latter half of that year, the game quickly spread across a wide range of online communities, blogs and other websites, including social networking sites like Facebook[2] and Google Plus[3], microblogging platforms such as Tumblr[4] and Pinterest[5], as well as the digital art community DeviantART[6], where the meme spawned dozens of variations of the game that are designed for specific fandoms.

In 2012, the Birthday Scenario Game continued to take strong hold on Tumblr[4] and DeviantART[6] and seeped into various imageboard and discussion communities, including the PetRPG Forums[8], Neoseeker Forums[9] and MLP Forums[10] among many others. Beginning as early as March 2012, Redditors[7] began sharing their matching results along with their reactions through the medium of rage comics.

Notable Examples

2, CREEPER "=4.CHICKENJ "一" 0. 5. CAP ATU SPARK MARCHYOU WILL KIUL VEeNH2 ラANTVENOM 2.POR NOREASOW 3.50 CREEPERS FEAR YOU CAUSE YOU WANT DIAMOND s POR TE LOUZ APRIL YOU WILL GO MINING WITXG MAY YOU WILL GO OUT NTH JULY YOU WILL SWTAP LiIVES WITHY OCTOBERMORTAL ENEMIESWTHX → 19. ZOMBIE GMA 7 ECEMBER YOUWIL DO PARKouRum AUUGUST YOU VWALL BE STUCK IN ASLAUDW 6TOBEPRIENDSUTL BROBRINE SEPTEMBERXMUL BUILD A HOUSE INTAYOU.. 17: eeA2 FOR FREEBUTTEe 1.1 OVEMBER YOUWILL MARX 20. SKELETON 21. ENDERDRAGON CAUSE YOUAREAe 25. WOLF 22. SPIDER 29. COW O. (e ay Scenario Game THE COLOR OF YOUR Yellows Because there are no words Grcens Because Im gay SHIRT 233 Bombur Otr are rescued D 2Y ou are captured b 3: You must kill Whites Because l don't understand. 5 You are killed by 6: You are 8: The White Ork 27:Master of Lake town Black: Because I had too betraved by avibecause Isulc 7 8: You switch lives 9 You get married to Purples Because Tm sexy as hell Reda Because of reasons You fall in love with 11b The Great Goblin 303 Fili 11 You die byv the hands of 142 Radagast the Brown 163 The Elvenking Thrandufl 198 Saruman the White Aで attaek on titar 1- Carla Yeager Jan. Party with.. 2 - Reiner Braun 3 - Petra Ral 12- Bertholdt Fubar Feb. - Your date is.. 23 - Mike Zakarias 13 - Ymir 4 - Nanaba 5 - Mina Carolina 14 Jean Kirschstein 25 - Marco Bodt 24 - Grisha Yeager Mar Hang out with... Apr. - Best friends wit... 6- Nack Teaz15 Erd Gin 26 - Gunter Shulz May - Your study partner i... 1- Eren Yeager 16- Levi Jun. - You are related to...8- Thomas Wagner 17 - Anmie Leonhardt Jul. Your crush is.. Aug. - Your game partner is... Sept Your mentor/tutor is. 11- Aurmo Bossard 20 - Armin Arlert Oct. Trick-or-Treat with.. Nov. Cuddled wit.. Dec Spend the holidays with... 27-Hannes 28 - Moses 9 Christa Renz 18 - Sasha Braus29 - Millius Zermusky 10 - Erwin Smith 19 - Mikasa Ackerman 30 Dita Ness 31 Dot Pixis 21 - Hanji Zoe 22 - Connie Springer

Dra.gon Ball Jan-Switches lives a Trunks 9Tdes 18Broly 27Tarble Feb -married to 2 ktillin oBima Nona Freiza '41rRや 15 Goku 23king Vert 24 Five Gohon .H-taTVFw.am6Veget. Tien Sep ue clemes op 6 Dend 25 Bardoek 1b Chirchi 11 18 Now Thatred in pisam itu the Lti。LAth (match up the scenario for your birth month and character for your birthday The Doetor Who Birthdan Sc January Become best Friends with -The r. Doctor ll-The lrh Doctor 22-Rose Tyler 2- The 2nd Docter 12- Miekej Smith 23- Jack Harkness 3- The 3d Doctor 3 Am Pond2H- Sarah Jane Smith y-The yth DoctorM-River Song 25-。Slurian 5-The 5th DoctorI5-The Master26-a Silent 6- The 6'h Doctor l6- Martha Jones 27- K-9 7- The 7'h Doctor 17- Donna Noble28-Romana February - Start a TV show wth March - Switch lives with April Throw a party with May-Share an June July August - Take over the worli with 8- The 8h Do«tor l8- Rory Williams 29- Rassilon September - Stranded on an island with October - Mortal enermies with November- Watch a Doctor Who marathon with apartment with Make elones of Forever tied to 0- a Gallifreyan 9- The I'h Doctor 1i- a Dalek IO- The 10th Doctor 20- a C^berman 3l- an Avton 2- an Ood December - Blow up a bvilaing with birthday scenario game match up the scenario for your th month &character for your day an- married to Hungary - Elizaveta Héderváry 1 3 18 Italy - Feliciano Vargas Feb Handcuffed (for life)to 2 Austria - Roderich Edelstein 19 Turkey - Sadiq Annan Prussia - Gilbert Weillschmidt 20 Japan Honda Kiku ar-is in love with you 4 Canada - Matthew Williams21 America- Alfred F. Jones pr best friends with 5 Poland -Feliks Lukasiewicz 22 England - Arthur Kirkland 6 Latvia - Raivis Galante Estonia - Eduard Von Bock24 China- Yao Wang Belarus - Natalia Al 23 France - Francis Bonnefo Mau-Live togethr Jun-Stuck on anisland with 7 froskaya 8 9 25 Russia - Ivan Braginski 26 Spain - Antonio Fernandez Carriedo Switzerland- Vash Zwingli Jul- Rule the world with 10 Finland - Tino Väinämöinen 27 Romano Lovino Vargas 11 Sweden - Berwald Oxenstierna 28 Ancient Rome 12 Germany - Ludwig hug- Epic showdown with Sep-stalks you Oc Nov- Start a band with 29 Germania reece - Heracles Karpusi Holy Roman Empire Flying Mint bunny t-mortal enemies with 14 Egypt - Gupta Muhammad Hassa 15 Lithuania - Toris Lorinaitis 16 Korea - Im Yong Soo ec , steals you cloths and wear 17 Sealand- Peter Kirkland them

Anime Birthday Scenario Çame Made by SuperZoider 01: Masamune Date 02: Nekki Basara 03: Theresa of the Faint Smile 04: Seras Victoria 05: Gai Daigoji 06: Johan Liebert 07: Haruhi Suzumiya 08: Eclair 09: Washu 10: Kamina 11: Kenshiro 12: Suou Pavlichenko 13: Terriermon 14: Char Aznable Janua February: Stuck on an island with ry: Handcuffed to 17: Death The Kid 18: Domon Kasshu 19: Light Yagami 20: Dio Brando 21: Shizuo Heiwajima 22: Portgas D. Ace 23: King Hamdo 24: Goku 25: Ladd Russo 26: Spike Speigel 27: Lina Inverse 28: Lelouch Lamperouge 29: Evangeline McDowell 30: Dorothy Wayneright 31: Alucard March: Your loyal servant is April: Have the powers of May: Have the ability to transform into June: Married to July: Trapped in a closet with August: Take over the world with September: Save the world with October: (character) takes over your body 15: Kintaro Oe 16: Hikaru Shidou November. Have an epic battle with December: Your best friend is The Legend of Zelda Birthday Scenario Game! Tanmarye Married Pebuary-Killed March-Were violated by Apri Danced naked with Mas Best friends with June- Stole the Triforce from July Went to space with Angust Created clones of September Ate Octohers Got murdered hy November Got attacked by cuccos with 11-Gamondort Decemher Switched bodies with 1-Link 2- Zelda 3-Pipit 17-Tael 18 Blue 19-Tingle 20-Tatl 21-Malon 6-Ilia 8 Ruto 10-Vaati 23-Bongo Bongo 24-Fledge 23-The Happy Mask Salesman 12-Ingo 13- Sheile 14-Red nd date of birth 15-Ghirahi 29-Dark Lin with the respective characters and situations. Try it out of friends, family, and celebrities too- 30.Majora 31-Epona PONY YOU January-X gives you sexy Massage Febuary-X blows you March-You get Married to X April-You go on α sexcapade with X May-You get r---- by X June-X gives you hoofjob July-X is down for anything you wantth Rarity Augest-You go down on X September-X gives you α Lap Dance October-X watches you clop November You watch X Masturbate DeceMber-You have a one night stand with X Ist Daring 2nd Pinkie Pi 3rd Soarin 4th Cheeilee 5th Doctor Whooves 1th Carrot Top 6th Spirfire 7th Lyra 8th Zecora 18th Big Mac 20th Trixie 21st Derpy Hooves 22nd Princess Luna 23rd Rainbow Dash 24th Spike 10th Fluttershy 11th Granny Smith 25th Apple Bloom 12th Vinyl Scratch 26th Applejack 13th Scootaloo 14th Twilight Sparkle 28th Braeburn 15th Sweetie Belle 29th Princess Celesta 16th Bon Bon 17th Octavia 27th Cloud Chaser 30th Discord 31st Flitter

pigtailedrhapsody sooleohosacbirthday scenario THE AVENGERS VERSION 1. went clubbing with 2. best friends with 3 being stalked by 4, ruling over humans 5. 17. wrecking havoc with 18. got trolled by 19. is actually the child of 20. first kiss stolen by JAN THOR FEB IRON MAN MAR SELVI BLACK isolated on an isl with and APR gained the powers of 21. 6. had babies with 7. got into a fight with 23. is actually a sibling of 8. swapped personalities 24. got kidnapped by . went on a date with 25. bound for life to 10. formed a team with 26. started a company with AUG LOKI 11. formed a band with 27. crashed a party with 12. is worshipped by 13. showered together with 29. went to prom with 14. saved the world with 30. is hugging .s. became the siekick o Wreated a new worl EC AALA 22. an ice cream WI CHITAURI JUN HANKEYE JUL PHIL COULSON with SEP hat FURY 28. went to the beach with OCT BRUCE BANNER NOU THE HULK CAPTAIN with 16. became the boss of pigtailedrhapsody bIRthdAy scenARIO HOMESTUCK VERSION UAN COENTEDA NE . DAVE 13.KARKAT 25.TACK MAR SUAPPEO PERSONALITIES 3.LIL CAL 1S. TERE2I 27.5CRATCH UNIVERSE WITH ONLY Feb usMESiS WITH WITH APR TROLLED 5Y WITH 2. ARADIA MOM26.DAD . KANAYA 16.ERIDAN 28. NEPETA A STANDED ON A METEOR S.FEPE 17, E 9. JUN AD0PTED CHILO OF UUL GENETIC sLNG FSOLLUX .SNOUMAN 31, EQUUS AUG MORAILS WITH sep SEING STALKEO s9.AR 21,PM oct TOHN 20.TASPERS CN 22.NDPA HALLEY UPIROUETTE WITH NOV SERVER PLAYER OF dec MATESPRITS WTH 12.QAMZEE 24.vaistA 11.BEC 23.TAVROs rei.deviantart.comm Birthday Scenario Game PONY EDITION Match up the scenario for your birth month & pony for your day Sept: Create Clones of Oct: Bake Cupcakes with Jan: Become Best Friends with May: Married to Feb: Banished to the Moon with June: Switch Lives with Mar: Conquer Equestria with July: Iron Pony competition against Nov: Handcuffed (for life) with April: Stuck on a Island ith Aug: Become Mortal Enemies with Dec: Party with 5 12 13 14 15 10 16 17 18 19 20 21 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 G3 PONY 31

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