RhymeZone Song Lyrics

RhymeZone Song Lyrics

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RhymeZone Song Lyrics are parodies of popular song lyrics created with the online rhyming dictionary Rhymezone.[1] Since first appearing on Tumblr circa 2012, many users have confused the Rhymezone screen shots with Google search corrections due to their similar fonts.


Launched in 1996[12], RhymeZone is a rhyming dictionary that retrieves a series of rhymes for an entered word or phrase. As early as November 2011[5], Tumblr users noted the absurd nature of some of the responses the site, such as the provision of “chronic obstructive pulmonary disease” as a rhyme result for “seas.” One of the first examples of RhymeZone being used in the context of lyrical parodies appeared sometime prior to February 2012, when the since-deactivated Tumblr user wooskie recreated a “Roses are Red” poem[2] using RhymeZone on the lines “sugar is sweet / and so are you.” As of March 2013, this post has gained nearly 60,000 notes.


On December 25th, 2012, Tumblr user canni8al[6] posted an interpretation of the 1954 song “Mr. Sandman” by The Chordettes[7], which accrued slightly more than 600 notes as of March 2013. The blogger shared two more RhymeZone song lyric posts that month[8][9] and each gained between 60 and 70 notes.

On February 14th, 2013, Tumblr user versustoday[10] posted another rendition of “Roses are Red,” adding in a layer of sexual innuendo. In five weeks, the post gained more than 15,000 notes and sparked new interest in RhymeZone parodies. On March 5th, 2013, the Tumblr news blog TumblTrends2013[11] reported on the increasing presence of such posts in the community, erroneously referring to them as “Google song lyrics.” As of March 25th, 2013, at least eight additional RhymeZone lyrics posts have passed the 10,000 note mark.

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Additional parodies can be found on Tumblr with the tags “rhymezone”[3] and “rhymezone lyrics”[4].

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