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Type-Moon is a small Japanese company that produced a popular series of PC eroge and light novels. Their more famous works are Kara no Kyokai, Tsukihime, and Fate/Stay Night. [7] The general nickname for the series is “Nasuverse”.

This series is extremely popular on /a/ and /jp/. It also has a long-standing niche following in Japan. It has recently received attention again due to the release of the Fate/Extra PSP game, Carnival Phantasm, and the Fall 2011 Fate/Zero anime.

Fans of this series are generally referred to as “Nasufags” or “TMfags” on /a/.


The name Nasuverse is a play on the name of the writer for these games, Kinoko Nasu.

The Nasuverse games are known as eroge which more or less means visual novels with adult content. In the past decade, these games have established a long-standing popularity and they are rather notable as very story-heavy eroge. The Nasuverse series has many movies, games, doujin works, and anime adaptions.

Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi released the first work of the world Nasuverse, a light novel, called Kara no Kyōkai (空の境界, lit. Boundary of Emptiness) at the 1999 Comiket. Later on they founded the company Type-Moon and released Tsukihime (月姫 lit. Lunar Princess) at the Winter Comiket in 2000. Fate Stay/Night, their most recent mainstay series, was released on January 30, 2004.


A Cat is Fine Too

See entry.

The term originated from a hentai doujin named That’s Why I Assault Len. The story consists of Tohno Shiki, the main character of Tsukihime who makes sexual advances on Len, a succubus demon who looks like a small girl, who panics and then transforms into a cat in hopes of being spared. Rather than being discouraged by this, Shiki says, “A cat is fine too.”

The phrase as grown popular outside of the Tsukihime fandom and several variations of it exist.

Jam it In!/You Lost Me

See entry

These are both catchphrases from the hentai doujin Platonic Magician H which goes over Shirou and Saber’s very awkward “mana transfer” scene.

Shirou Emiya, the main character of Fate/Stay Night, in general is known for being extremely fail when it comes to his relationship with the female characters of the series. Though he is not alone in being the main character of a harem series who suffers from “I don’t get it” syndrome, his version is known to be rather extreme.

People Die If They are Killed

See entry.

This is one of the more popular examples of Failsubs. The phrase came from episode 23 of the Fate/Stay Night anime. Though clearly this phrase is an awkward translation error, somehow it fits Shirou extremely well (see above). The image in particular is often what people think of first when the term “fail subs” comes to mind.


See entry.

An /a/nonymous user who meant to post “I am Gay for Archer” accidentally posted “I am Gar for Archer”. Since then the term “GAR” has become a slang among anime fans and is used to depict “manly” or “badass” characters.

It has different uses and meanings on /a/ and /m/ (Mecha board). On /a/ the term refers to strong, manly, and badass characters. On /m/ it generally refers to hot-blooded characters.

Examples of popular GAR characters are Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Kenpachi from Bleach, Toki from Hokuto no Ken, and Guts from Berserk.

There was also a SaiGAR tournament hosted on 4chan in 2008 and 2009. It was made as a counterpart to the 2channel annual Saimoe tournament. Unfortunately, in 2009 it did not garner that much popularity and it has been suspended ever since.

Unlimited Blade Works

See entry.

Unlimited Blade Works is an ability of the character Archer from Fate Stay/Night. He invokes a “Reality Marble” which basically allows him to summon his own pocket of altered reality. This gives him access to an unlimited amount of copied swords that he can use at will. In order to summon it, he does the following incantation-

“I am the Bone of my Sword
Steel is my Body and Fire is my Blood.
I have created over a Thousand Blades,
Unknown to Death,
Nor known to Life.
Have withstood Pain to create many Weapons
Yet those Hands will never hold Anything.
So, as I Pray--
Unlimited Blade Works

Parodies of the incantation on /a/ from time to time. Fans will rewrite the incantation to fit different subjects with usually hilarious results. Probably the most famous variation is the final essay of an /a/nonymous user who is known as “Mike”. He turned in a parody of the incantation as his final essay and posted the results on 4chan on August 2006. Many derivatives and demotivational posters have sprung from this.

The topic became so popular that it was stickied on 4chan.[2]

Mou Ikkai

Popular Fate/Stay Night fan made video which has sprouted its own derivatives. The phrase means “One more time”. It was posted by Youtube user KindAnonymous on May 15, 2007 and has over 500,000 views.

Minor Memes

Shiki Can Kill Servants. Discuss.

See Entry

This meme pops up in power level threads and is used to derail threads into power level arguments. Though sometimes it is discussed seriously on /a/ and /jp/.

Gate of Babylon

This is parodied very similarly to Unlimited Blade Works. The Servant Gilgamesh owns one of every treasure in the world and his ability is to open the Gate of Babylon to summon these treasures. Gilgamesh himself is a very popular character who is famous for his arrogant attitude along with calling everyone around him “Mongrels”.

Being Lancer is suffering

Both Lancers from Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero sympathizing with Kyoko from Madoka Magica

This is a spin off of the line from Meguka Meduka, being meguca is suffering.

Lancer is a character who is noted to have extremely bad luck. He dies in all routes of Fate/Stay Night and is generally seen as a tragic character. In Fate/Stay Night the Servant characters are given rankings for different categories such as Strength and Agility from EX/A++ to E. Many fans say that Lancer’s suffering is due to his E rank in Luck.

This joke has become more predominant due to Carnival Phantasm, a short OAV-like crossover series between Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night. In almost very episode Lancer ends up dying in some sort of unfortunate fashion from being run over by a car, being swung around as a weapon by Berserker, to being randomly struck by lighting.

Is also noted that Fate/Zero Lancer also has bad luck and also meets a very tragic fate. The irony of the situation is that both Lancers are Irish, so another use of the joke is to sarcastically comment on “Luck of the Irish”.[1]

The series itself made fun of Lancer’s constant deaths by turning the gag into a parody of South Park and episode 11 of Carnival Phantasm is called Final Dead Lancer.

Other Minor Memes

  • Isn’t it sad Sacchin?

Sacchin is the nickname for the character Satsuki in Tsukihime. Similar to Lancer, she regularly suffers all sorts of misfortune. She is the only one of the predominant female characters in Tsukihime to not have her own route. Like Shiki can kill Servants, this phrase also generated from the doujin circle Crazy Clover Club.

Sacchin despairs over her lack of popularity and pities herself while singing a song. At the end of it, she makes an OTL pose and says- “Isn’t it sad, Sacchin?”

Derivatives of this are sometimes seen outside of Type-Moon threads as “Isn’t it sad, ‘x’?”

  • KFC (Kayneth’s Fried Circuits)

This is a minor meme that caught some attention among Type-Moon fans on /a/. The character Kayneth is Lancer’s master in the series Fate/Zero and much like anyone tied to Lancer, he encounters a terrible fate.

After being attacked by another master, Kayneth is left completely crippled when he is tricked into frying his own magic circuits. This particular face of Kayneth has been very poplar to shop into various images. However, this meme gained a majority of its popularity when a Japanese KFC employee posted an image of himself posing as Lancer. Since then both Kayneth and Lancer have been tied to KFC.

  • Sakurafish

Researching into origin. This image is a joke from the third route of the Fate/Stay Night visual novel, Heaven’s Feel which features Sakura as the main heroine.

On 4chan’s /a/ board, for quite a while a user with the trip name “Sakurafish” has posted topics named “I’ll post this every day until you like it”. Though this is clearly a forced meme, it has become well-recognized on 4chan’s /a/ boards and users have even began creating fanworks and parodies of the image.

Melty Blood

There are quite a few Nasuverse fighters, but the most notable one is Melty Blood (メルティブラッド Meruti Buraddo). Originally it was a doujin (fan-made) fighter made by the company French Bread, but it’s popularity led it to be picked up as an official game by Type-Moon.[8] It was featured at the national Japanese fighting game tournament Super Battle Opera in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010. It was also featured in the US national fighting game tournament Evolution (commonly referred to as EVO) in 2010.

The game was originally not scheduled for the 2010 EVO line up, but it was voted in by popular demand on the website Shoryuken.com over other more mainstream games such as Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Many fans were surprised and pleased at seeing Melty Blood voted in as EVO tournament series mainly features Capcom fighting games.[10]

The game has an English fansite called Melty Bread[9] where players from all over the world discuss the game. It is also fairly popular in Japan, ranking high in popularity of most played fighting games in Japanese arcades.

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