What Is This I Don't Even

What Is This I Don't Even

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Confusion at its Maximum Capacity


“What Is This I Don’t Even” is a popular catchphrase used on message boards in response to a post so shocking or stupid that you’re left absolutely speechless. It may be repeated by others to incite more confusion for the lulz, but abusing the phrase is considered a bannable offense in some communities.
h2. Origin

The earliest known usage of the phrase can be found in the comments thread of a mind-numbing rule34 post (Warning: Highly NSFW) dating back to April 26, 2007. Urban Dictionary entry was submitted in August 2008.



Friend: Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? (*)

You: what is this i don’t even

4chan Screenshot


Its usage in online conversations and blogs has grown rapidly in the past year; Google search results on the catchphrase reveal blog entries and comment threads from all types of online communities, including YouTube, SomethingAwful, 4chan (NSFW), Livejournal, Yahoo Answers and even groups on Facebook and “SSBB”:SSBB.

YTMND & YouTube

In addition to conversational usage, there are some YouTube videos and YTMND sites named after the catchphrase, mostly of things that makes you go what:

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