You Win the Internet!

You Win the Internet!

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You Win the Internet (or alternatively, You Win an Internet) is a popular catchphrase used in imageboards and discussion forums to express great approval of another post or to convey sarcasm at someone else's extreme stupidity. The awarding of an Internet is typically done via text reply, but it can be substituted with one free internet coupon:

You win One FREE INTERNET Attempt to redeem in real life results in failing (At life where applicable), Product not as heug as XBox. C--- does not go in Duck. R. C. Mongler, Ltd. not responsible for ePenis size reduction caused by misuse and/or normal use of product. 3 2 GEThis thread does not win Pedobears Stamp of Approval or Cookies unless otherwise specified. Coupon code: Isthisintraweb 2005 R. C. Mongler, Ltd.


The earliest usage of "You Win the Internet" can be traced back to a discussion thread posted on October 26, 2004 on SomethingAwful's FYAD forum as documented in this archived text file.[1]

According to the comments section in a WebSnark article[2] posted in February 2006, "You Win the Internet" actually stems from another popular comment made by a user known as "bombscare" in IRC chatroom circa 2002.

BombScare: i beat the internet
BombScare: the end guy is hard


Bombscare's comical comparison of the Internet to a videogame was first registered in the Quote Database (QDB)[3] and later included in a popular copypasta that spread across IRC related communities.

The first Urban Dictionary[4] entry for the phrase "You Win the Internet" was registered on September 13th, 2006:

A phrase ment to convey that you did something online very well. Whether it is making a really good website, making a good YTMND or pulling off an incredible move in an online video game.

-Urban Dictionary

Usage & Variations

The bearer of this coupon is entitled to one free Internet Congratulations! You have won one FREE INTERNET! Coupon Code: Intraweb Offer good for a limited Sme only on participating Intrawebs. Additional internets cost extra. Limit one per winner, Not valid with any other coupon 8 3 7 3 3 7 This coupon entitles the bearer to ONE FREE INTERNE (c) 2005 Richard C. Mongler, Ltd. Not redeemable in real life. Product not guaranteed to increase is size oes where? Not guaranteed to be as huge as XBox.
THIS COUPON GRANTSACCESS TO ONE FREE INTERNET ICoupon code: interweb If you have received this coupon it means you are winrar This coupon can not be used in combination with other offers or promotions. To retailer: avoid being redeemed by f------ 42000 06 200 YOU WIN THE INTERNET You Win One Internet

  • In 4chan imageboards, "You Win the Internet" is often used as a sincere thanks when another user posts an exceptionally good image, identifies the source of a desired image, or posts a requested torrent. There are several variations of the catchphrase and coupon images in circulation, including the singular "You Win an Internet", "One free internet for you" or alternatively, a ridiculously high number.
  • There is also a single serving site[5] dedicated to winning the internet, originally launched in December 2008.

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