X being a jerk

X being a jerk

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X being a jerk is a video technique of editing dramatic movie scenes so that characters are left frustrated by their interactions with X. Typically this involves splicing the video so that an action is repeated back and forth, preventing the interacting character from successfully completing their aim – essentially it’s a video mashup which shows a bait and switch.

Being a jerk is relevant to your interests.

Being a jerk more important than being a Jedi? It’s more likely than you think.


The original X being a jerk video was uploaded on June 24, 2006, by youtube user Doomblake and featured Star Wars villain Darth Vader interacting with a subordinate. The video was titled “Darth Vader being a smart-ass” and can be considered viral, attaining 7 million views in the space of four years.

Doomblake | June 24, 2006
To answer some frequent questions;

-This took about an hour to make.
-I used Final Cut, but AfterEffects and Premiere have all the necessary tools too.
-I got the idea after cutting a trailer for Empire as practice, and was going to use the scene of Vader’s pod opening, then just starting scrolling back and forth over the clip, so the pod opened and shut over and over, and the idea came from there. Amusement comes easily after midnight.
-I know people have copied this. They have my sympathy.
-I might make another – at this point it feels like I can’t really top people’s expectations, but when I come up with something I think is fun, I’ll put it up.

[7,797,512 views as of 11 August, 2010]


A noticable though decreasing online interest trend in “being a jerk” was present before Doomblakes video. A large spike in “Darth Vader being a jerk/smartass” following his upload and a subsequent steady upwards interest trend in “being a jerk” indicates that Doomblakes video had a significant impact on this meme.

Bitches don’t know bout Darth Vader.

As of August 11, 2010, the original video had been posted on at least 15 youtube accounts, gaining over 9000[1] views. Three uploads were made in August 10, 2006, a month after the original upload. The most popular of these three is titled “Darth Vader being a jerk” and currently has three times the amount of views as the other two combined. Two more copies were uploaded in August of 2006, with one titled “Darth Vader being a jerk” coming in third in terms of view counts for the re-uploaded videos.

The phrase “Darth Vader being a jerk” is more important than Darth Maul playing Darts.

Darth Vader’s priorities are breathing, being a jerk, birthday cake, and being a smartass.

Note: The only thing that’s different about the following 5 videos is the titles – they’re only here for posterity, so feel free to skip them (though go here if you love looped flash videos)

pokerguy74 | August 10, 2006
[2,308,408 views as of August 11, 2010]

floridatampabay | August 10, 2006
Darth Vader being a jackass
[543,975 views as of August 10, 2010]

Bat24SS | August 10, 2006
Darth Vader not wanting to hear it anymore.
[228,102 views as of August 11, 2010]

sithlord153 | August 19, 2008
Darth Vader can’t be bothered to listen to his General. Funny
I did not make this
[363,474 views as of 11 August, 2010]

DigitalJeff | August 19, 2006
Darth Vader
[518,519 views as of August 11, 2010]

[1] The current view count for all copies of this video on youtube exceedes 12 million


Derivatives worth watching

Most derivative videos associated with X being a jerk aren’t as funny as the original – there are a few exceptions.

runcorn2007 | November 28, 2007
[481,984 views as of August 11, 2010]

legomationdotcom | May 04, 2009
Darth Vader is being a smart ass – a brickfilm version of Doomblakes 2006 video parody of Darth Vaders and Star wars
[9,998 views as of August 11, 2010]

starfedrogue | June 20, 2010
Kneel before Zod!
[750 views as of August 11, 2010]

bq. Ryantothec | April 23, 2008
Morpheus being a jerk.
[11,596 views as of 11 August, 2010]

Star Wars characters being jerks

mgrchip | July 30, 2007
This is what really happened on the Death star, When Luke Confronted the Emperor…
[217,925 views as of August 11, 2010]

CursingAtYou | October 22, 2009
Silly Yoda!
[15,481 views as of August 11, 2010]

PrincessLeia22 | November 21, 2009
This is a video I made for my best friend, when we watched it we laughed so hard we cried! It was so funny! So I hope you like it! No Copyright Intended!
[3,889 views as of August 11, 2010]

alexthe200 | April 24, 2010
Just because Palpatine is a supreme chancellor he thinks it gives him the right to be a jerk. Dooku also is looking forward to his demise.
[1,102 views as of August 11, 2010]

LOTR characters being jerks

Borgli | May 28, 2008
Saruman messing with Gandalf. This is my re-edit of this scene from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the ring.
[126,750 views as of August 11, 2010]

ayub96 | May 31, 2009
Gandalf tries to be a smart ass and ends up killing King Theo…idiot
[14,545 views as of August 11, 2010]

Family Guy ruins it for everyone (this is why we can’t have nice things)

adrian6nicolas | June 06, 2010
[277 views as of August 11, 2010]

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