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Xepher is a popular soundtrack from a Japanese arcade music rhythm video game beatmania IIDX, which is produced by KONAMI as a part of BEMANI line. This song had been featured due to its funny phonetic translations, and also utilized as a musical resource for MAD videos in the early days of the Japanese video sharing service Nico Nico Douga (NND).


Xehpher is written by a Japanese compoer Tatsuya Shimizu, the creator of another popular BEMANI song RED ZONE and better known as his alias Tatsh. This song was first included in beatmania IIDX 12 Happy Sky[1] released for Japanese arcade in July 13th, 2005. As shown by its genre “MEDIEVAL CHOIR”, the feature of this song is its solemn chorus sung by Japanese singers Junko Hirata and Tomomi Natori.

This song has been also imported to other BEMANI titles: DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA, Toy’s March 2 and Sound VOLTEX.


When the song caught an attention on the web for the first time, its subject was the funny phonetic translated lyrics coined by a website mundane BM.[2] That nonsensical lyrics spread on the web via a flash movie made by an amateur flash creator hecipu in November 2005.[3]

Original Lyrics Phonetic Translation (Romanized) Re-translation
Existing in this place Rinsu Suki. Iissune. I like rinse. Sounds good.
now are uncleanable lies Suna wo Makuna! Kunna! Doudesukai? Don’t spread sands! Don’t eat it! How about it?
I wonder when it has begun Inoue? Yuukai Shite Iino?
Inoue, You’d like to get kidnapped, OK?
How far do Haihouchu In the alveo,
I have to go to see the light? (x3) Ah Hattyu. Gotou Shindenai Ah, orders. Gotoh isn’t dead.
Stars in your eyes(Stars in your eyes).
Stars in your heart (Stars in your heart).
Sukatto Ikoukai! x4 Let’s feel refreshed! x4
You will live in shadow Yuuko Bishoujo Yuuko is a beatiful girl
of shade and commit eighth sin Moshi, Dokodesu? Osaka Hey, Where are you? Osaka.
Unrequited existence will turn Nannindesuka? Incho. How many people are there? Director?
Everything into sin A B C… Mittsu Oshi! A B C… Press the 3 buttons!

Via: RemyWiki (original lyrcis)[4]and mundare BM (misheard lyrics)

Nowadays, “Satsujin Gyouza” (lit. Murder Jiaozi) is better known as the phonetic translation for “Stars in your eyes (heart)” since a poisoning incident happened in frozen dumplings (Gyoza or Jiaozi) that was imported from China in 2008.[5]

After NND’s launch in 2007, this song was closed up again as a musical resource for MAD videos that had been rapidly growing up on that video sharing service in those days. That momentum was led by “Xepher-WAWAWAMix”[6], a MAD video in a catch phrase fad WaWaWa Wasuremono that was derived from Japanese TV anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Since then, Xepher had been one of the well-used musical resources in MAD videos till around 2009.[7]

Notable Examples

Left: Shuzo Matsuoka | Right: Lucky Star

Left: Japanese Fart Porn [NSFW!!] | Right: Japanese TVCM for a Poultice

Search Interest

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