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WaWaWa Wasuremono

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WaWaWa Wasuremono (Japanese: WAWAWA忘れ物~, lit. For-For-For Forgotten Thing…) is a hum or monology by Taniguchi, a bit character in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. This dialog had earend a cult following among Haruhi fans by many parodies/fanarts uploaded to 2channel, YouTube and Nico Nico Douga (NND).


"WaWaWa Wasuremono" is only once appeared dialog on the 10th episode in the 1st season of Haruhi's TV animation series "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 4".[1] The line, "WaWaWa Wasuremono", isn't shown on the original episode on the novel. And, Minoru Shiraishi[2], the voice actor for Taniguchi, answered in the later interview that it was his ad-lib.


People who first focused attention on this perfect ordinary monolog are 2channel users in threads for this anime series and for Taniguchi himself. Soon after this episode was aired on TV in June 2006, a user posted a full-version lyric of this hum that he/she made, and others played the song by guitar or piano. Another users also made music remixes using this monology. Some of those parodies/fanarts uploaded to those threads are archived in Wiki page specializing for Taniguchi made by 2channel users.[3] And a few of them are reuploaded to YouTube and NND. For example, the music in this video below is "The legend of Taniguchi" (谷口伝説) that was originally posted to 2channel in 2006.

Taniguchi's popularity had been continuing on the early stages of NND that was launched on March 2007. He became one of the earliest resources for MAD video phenomenon on NND as well as "Let's Go, Yin-yang Master!" and "You're the Prince of Tennis". The earliest MAD video which was known as the trigger of this fad on NND had been already uploaded in March 6th, 2007.[4]

Since then, many hundreds of videos related to him have been uploaded to NND.[5]


Partly thanks to those parodies/fanarts on the web, both "WaWaWa Wasuremono" and Mr. Shiraishi's singing earned a cult following among Haruhi fans. In reaction to this popularity, he performed this song in the live concert or the radio show for Haruhi.

Moreover, 2007 anime series Lucky Star, which was produced by the same staffs for Haruhi featured Shiraishi's singing in a great way, and the ending theme for its 13th episode was "Ore no Wasuremono" which was the complete version of "WaWaWa Wasuremono".

Ending movie of Lucky Star episode 13

The compilation CD album for his songs "Shiraishi Minoru's Lullaby for Men" was also released from this anime series.[6]

Cover Art & the Song

As evidenced by those episodes, only once offhand ad-lib gave a huge success to him.

Notable Examples

Left: Marisa Stole the Precious Thing[7] | Right: Kirby's Gourmet Race[8]

Left: Night of Knights[9] | Right: U.N. Owen Was Her?[10]

Left: Usatei[11] | Right: Native Faith[12]

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