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10 Optical Illusions To Mess With Your Head

Optical illusions are something that every one loves to look at. As confusing as they may be, people are always curious and give them a good look to see if they can work out what the optical illusion is. Often, optical illusions are images that visually appear different to reality and can be mind-blowing to see. In fact, optical illusions tend to go viral.

From the shake your screen optical illusion to the what colour is this dress optical illusion, they've all been widespread across social media. Here are some interesting optical illusions from the popular subreddit /r/OpticalIllusions that will make your eyes and brain hurt and no doubt make you think.

Are they horses?

(Source: Reddit)

Have a closer look. What may look like horses are actually just shadows from zebras!

Those lines are actually straight

cOMPLETEA 口 口 Dark Blue Strips are parallel to each other but our brain interprets them as tilted.

(Source: Reddit)

Confusing quilt optical illusion

(Source: Reddit)

Give Patrick a free ride

Shake your phone gently M:3:

(Source: Reddit)

This is an example of a classic shake your screen optical illusion that makes it look like the central image is moving.

Conjoined cats

(Source: Reddit)

Giant lobster monster

(Source: Reddit)

It's a scary thought to think of a giant lobster monster reigning over Earth. Thankfully it's just an optical illusion!

This took me a minute

It's not a man running into the woods.

(Source: Reddit)

No it's not a black-dressed man running into the woods. It's actually a dog!

Spheres are all the same colour

(Source: Reddit)

Looks like a bendy, twisty house but it's an awesome paint job instead

(Source: Reddit)

Goat or bird?

WoW!! Goat? or Bird? Debbie Dickerson Snelson and 2 others 6 Comments 39

(Source: Reddit)

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