"Shake Your Screen" Optical Illusion

"Shake Your Screen" Optical Illusion

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"Shake Your Screen" Optical Illusion refers to a fetish drawing category that grew popular on Japanese Twitter in September of 2019. The meme consists of portraying a female character with large breasts with a particular design surrounding her cleavage and an invitation for the reader to shake their phone. The design is an optical illusion that will trick the eye into de-synchronizing the movement outside the picture and the movement inside the picture, giving the illusion that the breasts are actually bouncing up and down.


The optical illusion is called the "Fluttering heart illusion."[1] It is defined by NCBI as:

The fluttering-heart illusion is a perceived lagging behind of a colour target on a background of a different colour when the two are oscillated together. It has been proposed that the illusion is caused by a differential in the perceptual latencies of different colours, a differential in rod-cone latencies and rod-cone interactions.

On September 21st, 2019, Twitter user @eggplant128 uploaded a photo applying this optical illusion to the breasts of Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba in a fun illustration.[2] The poster implied he noticed this idea and found the photo on Futaba Channel (2chan) where the users called the effect as "Bouncing illusion" (揺れ錯視, Yure Sakushi). That post had earned over 85,000 likes till it was taken down because he noticed the author of the original picture[3] prohibits any kind of reprints.[4] However, eggplant128 did post the effect on art of character Kanan Matsuura from Love Live (shown below).

松浦果南 MATSUURA KANAN なのに一 そいところある? って そばを食べてるのに、休 うっていうのともしか だよ? ら、 浜辺に行っても自由 まりないし 自分と、そうじゃない時 っぱり楽しさが全然違 なら、やっぱりここか えって言うんだろうけど して) い子じゃないの にとりあえず泳こ? てるんだけど やないんだよね。 200メートル、距離が長 ふだんは、ウェットスー にフィンまでつけて泳い ンのわせみたい。


Many Twitter users and amateur illustrators on Pixiv inspired his post began making their own versions, templates[5], and generators[6][7], while calling the optical illusion as "Bouncing-boob illusion" (乳揺れ錯視, Chichi Yure Sakushi)[8][9] or "Technique of bouncing boobs in Smartphone" (スマホ乳揺れ技術).[10] This online fad was soon covered by Japanese online news media[11] as well as Taiwanese news site.[12]

On September 23rd, Japanese popular gravure idol Nanoka[13] posted of her photo applying the frame to herself (shown below, left).[14] This tweet had earned over 1,100 retweets and 7,700 likes within its first 48 hours. In the following day, a popular Virtual YouTuber[15] Tsukino Mito[16] utilized that black frame during her birthday live-streaming program (shown below, right).[17]

に こA 4P った 島ようやっち残るの tsidium: そっちを残す の草 U-Kun. A 楽しかった ch-&3:

Various Examples

に こA 4P った 島ようやっち残るの tsidium: そっちを残す の草 U-Kun. A 楽しかった ch-&3: HoSdgl


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