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10 Wholesome Memes To Make Your Day A Whole Lot Better

Life can get tough sometimes. When the going gets tough, we, the tough, get going. Specifically, we get going to find some wholesome memes, that is. Wholesome memes are used to express supportive and caring sentiments. They are designed to give you a good feeling of warmth and satisfaction, letting all of your stress melt away a la hot chocolate on a cold December night. Plus, someone out there cares enough about making random online strangers happy that these memes feel like a gift from a mysterious source.

These memes are guaranteed to instantly make your day better. They can heal you free of charge, and as a bonus, they are incredibly entertaining and addictive, so much so they could keep you scrolling for hours. The next time the corners of your lips are feeling down, wholesome memes are here to lift you up and will make you smile. We've curated this wonderful collection of wholesome memes to keep you in high spirits until the weekend hits.

Goofy's a great dad.

steph @StephKinmon 17. Juni yeah mickey mouse is cool and all, but can we talk about goofy for a sec?? he was a SINGLE DAD who raised his son, and when he lost his job he went back to college so he could get a job to support his son. that mouse has nothing on this dog. 01 221 74,1 Tsd. ♡ 208,6 Tsd.

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$50 for saving turtles.

guy buys turtles for $50 at markets and releases them

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Most relaxing!

me: I'm gonna start having fun on my days off me on my days off:

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That's actually the most fun and relaxing work to do with popcorn and the favorite show on.

You're not a nobody.


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Chad teaches his son.

Son, even if the date goes bad, offer to accompany her to the metro to make sure she goes back home safe yes, father.

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We all need a teacher like that.

Here's a teacher who understands what's important. haha 3pts 2.2. Create Math Meme when your (trying to make) mother calls you by your full name a² + 2ab+h², (atb)" on crap.

(Source: Reddit)

Therapist fighting my demons.

me and my therapist my depression

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Depression aint cr*p for us.

Like father like son.

My 21 year old husband My 1 year old son Cuddling with Mommy thirdrend

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The real MVP.

Mental health of kids who's parents fought all the time CHANNELING Cartoon Network ANIMAL

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@NewDadNotes My Adopted Dad explaining why it's ok if I want to try to find my real dad. Me waiting for him to finish so I can tell him I found my real dad the day he brought me home.

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