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15 Clever Comebacks That Definitely Left A Mark

Many of us know the frustrating feeling of being in a conversation and thinking of the perfect comeback hours after the conversation has ended. So there's no better feeling in the world than when you come up with the perfect comeback for someone's point during a discussion or argument right on the spot. The reaction you get from having such a perfect response for something is truly unmatched.

These moments tend to happen more often on the internet because you can take as much time as you need to respond to someone. This is why there are so many incredible comebacks recorded on Reddit's /r/clevercomebacks. The people who come up with these amazing lines on the subreddit are truly skilled in the intelligence, wit, and humour departments. Watching someone get totally burned online is both funny and gives secondhand embarrassment, making for fun and entertaining content. Here are 20 people who did not hold back with their super clever comebacks.


Guys what's stopping you from dressing like this 24/7 1 i do not work at olive garden

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What's Wrong With Crab

Hot Masculinity Takes @Masculin... 22h A grown man craving crab legs is gay I do not care 06:30 27/04/2020 Twitter for iPhone 761 Retweets 2,774 Quote Tweets 1,775 Likes 329 Mythril @mythrilmail 5,200 56.2K Replying to @MasculineTakes If eating an underwater armored tank spider with scissors for hands is gay then I don't wanna be straight 21:46-5/9/21 Twitter for Android

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Technically The Truth

Jay @JenE4rmThe Block never deleting this app. Tom @CFCTom99.1d My Grandad is 75 next year, he didnt fight two world wars for this sillyness 52 20 355 Bobo N1 @MooBozo. 1d The first world war was more than 100 years ago. How did your granddad fight that? 7 Tom 2 3 @CFCTom99 106 He didnt fight as I just said 4:49 AM 7/14/21 Twitter for Android I

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RIGHT Zachary Lang 1d. You may have not planned the pregnancy but God did! 3 Like Comment 8 comments 80 Share If god planned it then he can have full custody Love Reply 3

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I Mean

*** GOP Teens @GOPTeens #Teens: What do YOU think #Jesus's favorite #gun would be? 8/8/15, 11:47 AM 763 RETWEETS 818 FAVORITES ** GOP Teens @GOPTeens Not #funny. Consider yourself #blocked. Ale(ks) Nazar(oo)k @literaledgelord @GOPTeens A nail gun

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Can't Argue With That


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So Tired of The Alpha Male Thing

Nick Adams (Alpha Male) @NickAdamsinUSA Alpha males eat wings and drink beer at Hooters with the boys, Beta males nibble on tapas at Spanish Vegan cafes with their wives. Devanny Pinn @DevannyPinn As a former Hooters girl I can assure you only betas who liked to think they were 'alpha males' ate there. And we all laughed when you left.

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Let's Be Real

||| COSMOPOLITAN Seeking: A Bestie Who Loves Brunch, Netflix Binges, and Going Down on Each Other By Michelle Ruiz O Meet the new breed of girlfriends with benefits. blocked thot @chaeronaea that's called gay. you're gay

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Kinda Does

British cuisine. Best in the world. MEME Memezar ZAR @meme_zar The peas look like someone melted the toy soldiers from toy story

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NEW New York Post YORK POST @nypost Millennial dads have pathetic DIY skills compared to baby boomers eHmcS15 Your Ghost Host @DisneyCPT Maybe, but at least I have the emotional capacity to tell my daughter I love her.

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Job Well Done

Dad 2.0 - hanging on, mostly @D.... 23h My wife is hilarious We've been trying to get ahold of our sons daycare corporate for 4 months and they literally do not answer phones or email She applied for a job and when they contacted her for an interview she asked to be transferred to the person we needed to talk to 427 5,889 91.6K ₁1 3.8M Sad Major @Sad Major.6h Did she get the job? 1 123 Got the job done 212 Dad 2.0 - hanging on, mostly @DadaBaseThought ₁162K ↑

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Not Wrong

Millennials aren't buying diamonds - why? RETWEETS LIKES 173 309 ini Misty Knights TwistOut @Steph_I_Will Follow Too busy filling out job applications that ask them to attach their resume and then enter what's on that same resume on the next page.

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Flat Earthers

r/AskReddit What is an actual sub for serious flat earthers? Posted by u • 50m Discussion Vote BEST COMMENTS r/mentalillness ... 21 50m Reply Share Vote

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Richard Cooper @Rich_... 16 okt. 20 : Why do women train for ripped abs? It's because they want to look like men; truthfully it's gross. Lips, ts & hips. Men are simple, we want the classic beauty of a feminine hourglass shape. At no time in history did men ever want women with ripped abs. 438 363 James Fell @BodyForWife 872 L ... Svarer @Rich_Cooper Hi. Historian here. I'm comfortable in saying that at no time in history have women ever wanted you.

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€ Yesterday at 11:04 PM - Strange how we have a country named after Chad, but not a single geographic location named after gamers OD 64 Like 15 Comments. 27 Shares Blocked Comment Share Counterpoint: The Virgin Islands

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