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15 Embarrassing And Cringeworthy Dating App Screenshots

Ah, the world of internet dating, where clever dialogue and swipe decisions decide your success or failure in finding true love. There are battlegrounds nearby, so do not worry! We've combed into the depths of Reddit's /r/Tinder to compile a list of 15 discussions that will have you scratching your head and wondering if some daters are even sane.

As we explore these remarkable Tinder and Bumble conversations, get ready for a whirlwind of emotions. There are performers at every skill level, from polished ones who seamlessly incorporate comedy into their opening lines to others who falter and collapse in the most spectacular manners. But smoothness isn't everything. We also have some self-described comics who use their wit and charm to take on the perilous waters of online dating.

These exchanges, which range from lighthearted jokes about zombie apocalypses to arguments over whether tacos or pizza are better, demonstrate that laughing may genuinely be the key to someone's heart. So, if you're looking for a good chuckle or some dating experience inspiration, check out these treasures from Tinder's hall of fame. Just keep in mind to be genuine, accept your peculiarities, and never undervalue the impact of a well-placed joke. Have fun "swiping," or should I say "scrolling," through these.

Ladies man.

Can't say I agree taiters this made me want to throw up This is a red flag TO You're sick Your Turn Your Turn Your Turn Your Turn

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History classes aren't useless.

Madison, 22 Mizzou 80 miles away •Looking for someone to take Thomas Jefferson's place in the last pic basically ← Madison Monday 10:35 PM As far as presidents go, we all know Jefferson came before Madison, but I'll make sure that's not the case. Today 1:20 AM That was literally the absolute best pickup line I've ever heard

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ok! ok! 6:40 PM 7:39 PM thanks!! Read 6:29 PM 3:49 AM Read 3:50 AM Yesterday your good person! I will come around 7:40pm Read 3:48 AM Rese 3:50 AM Read 7:39 PM B I'm outside I like you How do you feel about me ?

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Sneako lore.

6:03 BMX tinder Bri 23 Hey:) Looking for a bull to play with me in front of my fiancée. He will be watching, but you will have the fun ✔ X Ha 5G. 67% O

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That's crazyy.

Fri, May 12 9:12 AM I can bench press 30 crazy u say that. i was at the gym earlier this morning and i attempted a 30lb PR with a friend holding 1lb of pressure on the bar, effectively making my new PR 31lbs Today 11:05 AM Oh congratulations I just benched 32 lbs i was JUST at the gym and i have the craziest news Sent

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Girl, what?

About me Before you swipe, I do have a boyfriend. Not sure what I'm looking for but looking to start off as friends and see what happens.

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Kraken was already eliminated.

P 1:07 YOU MATCHEL Kraken GIF V\/" Who you got winning the cup this year? Type a message Today 12:16 PM Sounds like a plan actually 3 I got the panthers Lets make a bet, if the panthers get farther than the kraken, i get to take you on a date + Sent Send

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Better luck next time.

P YOU MATCHED WITH ABBY ON 5/16/23 My time cost $ Ruin me please. Respectfully. Yesterday 9:03 PM as long as I can ruin your bank acc too Imao Sarcastic Yesterday 9:30 PM I'm sorry let me clarify... are you being sarcastic or are you a prostitute? am not trying to get arrested o

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Ally First round is on me if You can guess my middle name Gator Done

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< 6:26 Jessica YOU MATCHED WITH JESSICA ON 5/1/23 Wanna hear a funny story? Type a message GIF Today 6:23 PM A girl walks into a bar with her co workers, sees this cute bartender but can't flirt cause she gots a complicated relationship going on already. Low and behold as she is heading out the door the ravishing bartender gives the girl his name and number. She is in disbelief and baffled on what to do. She says thankyou and leaves. By the next morning she has to throw away the number and hope fate will let her set eyes upon this man again. Well months and months later she is single and matches with him on tinder, Thank you fate. The end. Today 5:53 PM 31 Yes + Sent Send

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Bruh what.

Age Between 18 and 26 See people 2 years either side if I run out O

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Sorry I guess.

YOU MATCHED WITH ABBI ON 5/7/23 Hey what kinda stuff are you into? Is psychology fun? I'm an accounting major and it's about as boring as you'd think Yesterday 9:25 PM that's a boring way to start a conversation Yesterday 11:30 PM Ok Sorry I guess

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um As a side note, I've noticed your profile says your relationship type is polyamory. What does that look like for you? If you don't mind me asking I always have two partners, well, of coz they don't know about each others And is it two serious partners or just like a fwb sort of situation? serious partners I see I see Isn't that just cheating tho, rather than polyamory?

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Marriage planning

Marry me tell me the colour of my shoes and you've got yourself a deal wrong they're vermilion 3 apr 2023 3:54 PM Red 100% Correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't that just a shade of red? 5 apr 2023 So for the wedding invitations should we do vermilion or more of a merlot?

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The creepy rizz.

< yes! i'm outside right now а Yesterday 19:07 i'm so down i'm off at 5 Yesterday 19:46 Come back inside and hang out! Yesterday 20:07 No but fr let's hang out tomorrow. I'm in your walls :) Yesterday 20:36

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