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15 Funny Yet Dumb Memes To Distract You From Your Weekday Blues

It’s a workday again and you need a distraction from staring out of the window. Sh*tposting is the best kind of distraction out there. "Sh*tposting" is an internet slang term describing a range of user misbehaviors and rhetoric on forums and message boards that are intended to derail a conversation off-topic. In the context of /r/sh*tposting, this often takes the form of low-quality memes, random images, and bizarre videos.

The content is usually meant to be humorous or absurd, but it can also be offensive or crude. Some users of the subreddit take pride in their ability to create posts that are so bizarre or nonsensical that they defy categorization. People on Reddit might even call it an art form, which they seem to have perfected. These memes are truly unique and versatile. They can convey many different emotions and ideas. At the same time, memes can also be made that make no sense, or are purposely crafted to surprise you with a nonsensical punchline. However, they are guaranteed to provide a welcome distraction to your mundane work week. Here are 15 sh*tposts meant to distract you from your worries and make you laugh.

Stats don't lie.

Braden @BradenlsBased Jesus: cured 2 blind people MrBeast: cured 1,000 blind people Jesus: fed 5,000 people MrBeast: fed 10,000 people in his Thanksgiving 2021 video alone and thousands more in other projects Jesus: 12 followers MrBeast: 130 million followers MrBeast clears Jesus by every stat. www

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Did Mr. Beast win here or does he needs something more to win?

That's a deep tweet Mr. Trump.

Twitter @Twitter We are proud to announce that everyone now gets 280 characters per tweet! Except @realDonald Trump, he only gets 1. 4:23 PM 12 Nov 17 18.5K Retweets 24.6K Likes 27 Donald J. Trump Replying to @Twitter h @realDonald Trump 30s

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Something feels quite off in this screenshot.

X X nell armstrong spaceboot - Google Search moon footprint - Google Search G plant vs zombies gay hentai - Google Search

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Did you guys notice it too? That's right, his shoes.

Kot Gacek.

Cat becomes Polish city's top-rated tourist attraction FEB 9, 2023 | SOCIETY Kot Gacek ******* (10

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User found under a rock.

EMMA WATSON ZELDA A NETFLIX SERIES THE LEGEND OF ZELDA 12h I know shes from a game (I dont play videogames), and I have no issues about representation but making Zelda a girl is a bit too much. Theyre overreaching.

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This is the future?

This is the future the left wants TOMBOY HOOTERS FEMBOY HOOTERS 10.1

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Would you still vote tho?

Can you outrun the hand?

The Hand always moves slightly faster than you 2) The Hand now moves only slightly faster than 0 m/s (v=0m/s) 1) STOP RUNNING AWAY 3) Pray it won't reach you until the next 24 hour selection 5

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* tapioca * @tapiocaterror 7 yr old me at a mcdonalds 70s Sci-Fi Art @70sscifi. 12/11/21 Moebius, 1970 900 ...

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Hope the pills work.

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Bro is on another level.

how tall do u guys think i am? 41 22 1 One Nation Q 174cm ± 1% ye 132 @One 107x1771 L=1774.2 13x314 ... . 1-3142 ang 0.4 rad 1d lean-10deg?

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Aye get ya girl!

wanna see my ass? Wanna see my ass I have a boyfriend audio FaceTime wail what I say? info Wanna see my ass Message ayo get ya girl bruh Ⓒ Delivered

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Smh, a cold world we live in.

In a multiverse.

Naomi H EVERYONE LISTEN I GOT ACCEPTED FOR A NASA INTERNSHIP 158 3 447 Homer Hickam @HomerHickam. 3h Congrats. 27 129 Naomi H Wow, thank you so much 1 225 28 3 Homer Hickam @HomerHickam. 2h You're welcome 271 65 3 ↑ ↑

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What a wholesome conversation, hope it's not tweaked.

Brain damage post.

neil saw itzy !!! its the idea that someone with a disability needs to be "cured" Lolo • 17h There is something so demonic about this and I can't even articulate what it is Show this thread Blind People See For The First Time ews 4 hours ago @ 7:23 AM 29 Jan 23 ● 100 / 1000 PEOPLE CURED 514 Views 3 Retweets 7 Likes

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