Two very unintelligent people in the following collection.

15 Not-So-Smart People Bragging About Their 'High' IQs Online

Not all of us are the brightest people in the world, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. There always is to going to be people who fall above and below average, and based on what we've seen online, there's a lot of people who fall into that latter category. But some of the people you're about to see are dragging that average pretty far down for the rest of us. They do this by insisting, with absolutely no self-awareness, that they're some of the smartest people you'll ever be blessed enough to encounter online.

The following images showcase the profound heights of human intelligence, from a tweet claiming you got a PhD in four days to an overly convoluted analysis of a Marvel scene that literally no one asked for. If you're someone who doubts your own intelligence at times, then at least you can rest assured knowing you're doing better than these people. Here are fifteen people who think they're smart, but…well, you'll see.

Musk's Turd Law

€ World of Engineering @engineers_... · 14h Is an electric rocket possible? ₁9.8M 1,616 Elon Musk @elonmusk 1,616 911 Replying to @engineers_feed Lol no, Newton's Third Law 0:54. 08 Jan 23 66.8K Likes 20.5K 9.5M Views 2,215 Retweets 326 Quote Tweets :

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VERY High IQ Question

r/languagelearning u latin b1 japanese b1 germa... Join Can having a VERY high IQ hinder language learning? Discussion I have a professionally tested IQ of 135-138, which put's me in the 99th percentile, intelligence wise. In theory, that should make language learning easy. And in general, it is. I have an incredible capacity for finding patterns, learning vocab, imitating phonemes, etc. I am quite the linguist. But actually it is almost TOO easy. I've been doing various different courses on Duolingo for about 2 weeks (Latin, German, French, Japanese), and I'd say I've reached a decent level in each, but the fact is, it's just kind of boring. I'm losing motivation. Could it be that my high intelligence is hindering my learning? Do any other high IQ folks here have any tips on how I can make it a bit more interesting and stay motivated? 4 Vote 67 Share

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If, by some miracle, this person's IQ really is the score they say it is, that is nowhere near as genius-level as they seem to think it is. It's not that far above average.

This Person Is 42 Years Old

35m If youre ever wondering how smart i am...i got my PhD in 4 days Like ... Comment Send X

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I Bet He's Never Read Any of These

NG Elon Musk @elonmusk 1984 3:21 PM 03 Jan 23 . YOU ARE HERE FAHRENHEIT 451 BRAVE NEW WORLD ...

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The Correct Answer Was Five Cents

SAT Math Problem Question: A hammer and a nail cost $1.10, and the hammer costs one dollar more than the nail. How much does the nail cost? Post comments 6 Add a comment... hours ago So easy for me yes, its 10 cents 3 4 目1 X :

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I admittedly stared at this question for like a whole minute before having to look up why the answer wasn't actually ten cents. Oh well. At least I know I'm bad at math, unlike this guy.

We Found the Bad Guy

46 min Girls in history class : +255 + mer 35 min Bro literally. I remember in my freshman year of high school a girl asked me (because I was the only one near enough to ask) "do you remember who all the bad guys were in World War 1?". My response was simply "No one, but the Central Powers consisted mostly of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire". She gave me an quick odd look that indicated the cogs in her brain cranking out the thought "there weren't bad guys?" Lol (I'm sure something more nuanced was going on in there don't whine about what I said anyone who sees this) 4179

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I wonder if he's got an opinion on who the bad guys were in WWII.

Thank You for the Explanation

at 50m Poe coming back is something I should've factored into my handicap of this game M&T Bank SNE &T Bank Tweet PF-¹Y LIKE A 10:01 PM 1/1/23 VEN Š 270K views From Sunday Night Football on NBC 24 134 2,653 T Replying to @ Oh man this is great. For all those who grew up in a public school or somewhere education is not valued (the south). Edgar Allen Poe is a famous author of horror stories and one of his more famous pieces of work is titled “the raven” ...

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Scary Out There

13m this JUST happened to me the other day. I started writing an algorithm in my head that would get the Al to behave without input but then I was like "I could end up creating an Al apocalypse, yeah no thanks" and started try to forget what I had coded. It's scary out there man. Reply Send 2

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6h I can't believe I'm 20 years o d and I'm making jokes about Cyanobacteria. 413

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I want to hear what's so hilarious about cyanobacteria that he felt the need to post this. Where's the joke?

Wow, No One's Realized That Before!

Quora 1 W ОРО Ø Open in App September 6 Triple upvote! Well thought out! Upvote Reply . 4 Upvote 1 Reply M Q 1 000 September 6 (smirk) I have noticed people who say "I would upvote this 100 times" really haven't thought it through, because if you click on the "Upvote" button an even number of times, it essentially cancels the upvote out and leaves it not upvoted :) 000 This is why I told you outright....

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There's a Lot of Elon in This List

. Xfinity Mobile Elon Musk replied 11:22 PM . Tweet 11:10 AM 1/13/23 353K Views Defeating wokeness requires either deconstructing Foucaultian nihilism with post-Hegelian para-Gnosticism or manifesting an inverted intersectionality that creates a Marxist power dialectic to both permeate and validate Bataille's model of Sartreist internalized existentialism. 738 Likes 61 Retweets 39 Quotes 17 Q Tweet your reply 34% : >

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It's good to know this is what Elon Musk's, one of the richest and most influential people in the world, does with his free time.

I Don't Think Anyone Can Tolerate This Person

Yes I've heard this before. Feel free to block me. There are only 4 demographics that tolerate me. A) IQ over 160 B) 7 or more figures net worth C) Young sapiosexual females with superior genetic structure and pulchritude, or D) you face imminent death from external factors. My best Christmas gift this year was from a member here who has constantly insulted me and had me kicked off here a few times ask me for a substantial amount of money for Christmas in DM. Have a prosperous 2023. 6d 1 Like Reply Share

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Twitter Mathematicians

Whats 32 If yall get this wrong u failed school fr 1,881 500 14 u should ask something like 3^[6/3(1-2)] which is 1/27 but it just looks a lot more intimidating 27 5 10 1d 1d that's 1/9 buddy 120 5,517 1d 131 2,051 go

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I Stopped Reading After "The Russo's"

MARVEL r/marvelstudios STUDIOS Posted by L., The Russo's managed to deconstruct & redefine what it meant to convey & obtain the concupiscent, anomalistic clearance, showing us that idiosyncratic is ebulliently inevitable, all the while substantiating the superiority of film. This shot symbolises the duality of men and is god damn gorgeous. Other TV C

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When You're in the Top 92%

? Which picture is similar to the Cyprus? 116K votes B C Post comments 174 Add a comment... 22 View all 3 replies 4% 回 3 3% 92% 7 hours ago I'm a map expert and recognized flags and the shape of the border, and all of this was self taught 2% X ⠀

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