a collection of memes submitted on Facebook images are of Wilfred Mott crying and Leslie Jordan entering a room

15 Of The Best Memes That Made It Past Our Weekly "Meme Checkpoint"

It's time for our roundup of all of the best memes we received from our weekly "Meme Checkpoint" challenge! On Facebook, we pulled over fans of the official Know Your Meme page and asked them to show us the most recent meme in their phone. Out of the numerous responses we got, here are the best memes submitted to the post from this week.

A Personal Goal

video games allow us to do and experience things that are completely impossible in real life You feel Well Rested.

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I almost had a heart attack this morning...

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Challenge Accepted

Them: "you can't be dark, dead, colorfuland lively at the same time" Me: @TheSaltinTheStars

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Better Days

How we used to take selfies back in the 90s TSTA

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Someone Call Fauci


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What A Gorgeous Scent

If 2020 was a scented candle United Unted Unted Unded United United Unned

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Me: Why are you sad? My 17yo: It just hit me that there will never be another snow day. Me: What do you mean? My 17yo: We have zoom now. We'll always be able to go to school. The magic of a snow day is over. Me:

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It's Finally Acceptable To Be A Jerk

Socially distant trick or treating Yonche eak C FOLLY JOLLY roncher rancher w canay JOLLY rancber zozoli

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Me nervously clicking my pen during the test That one guy in the class who knows Morse trying to understand why I want to invade Cuba

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Time To Liven Things Up

Me on my way to annoy my coworkers instead of being productive:

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Now Beat It

Ordering pizza in 2020: Leave it on the doorstep and get the hell outta here

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Any Chance This Could Happen Before The Holidays?

utkarsh pandey @Bihar_vala These doctors collapsed after 8 hrs surgery of separating my relatives nose from my personal matters @bihar_vala

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Both Are Totally Healthy

me when I get me explaining why angry I got angry

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What Kind Of Friendship Is This?

When ur owner gets up to throw away food they didn't finish after you sat there for 30 minutes watching them eat it

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Beginning of Labor Day weekend vs. end of Labor Day weekend Sht usteve

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