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15 Perfectly Positioned Posts From Reddit's 'Juxtaposition'

Have you ever been scrolling through one of your many vast and exciting social media feeds and seen two posts side by side that fit perfectly together? It's super amusing when this happens, it's like the algorithm is working together to answer the questions of the posts it just showed. Sometimes these fun moments happen in real life too, which is even more amazing. Moments like these are the ones that make the day a little easier to get through, when things line up so perfectly.

If you haven't heard it before, the term for when this kind of thing happens is juxtaposition. When two or more things line up to complete each other or create a whole new meaning. They don't come up all the time, but luckily when they do they get collected on Reddit. Here are 15 satisfying moments of juxtaposition.

The Brown Eel

11:46 Home 4147 Home 6 r/spongebob u/grantpantwhycant 19h reddit THE ORIGINAL BROWN EEL RETURNED IN THE LATEST ONE AAAHHH (and she had a shoe ironically) Discover ↑ Share + Create Chat 36 2/2 101 Inbox

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He has arrived.


17770 a truck driver threw out his whole bottle of lemonade out the window...I see why now, this got a lil bite to it 116 17663 9,626 192K Jennii @hashjenni - 1d Y'ALL KEEP SAYING DRINK WATER FOR CLEAR SKIN BUT ALL I GET IS PEE!! VH1 +

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Bacon I'm afraid pour journey enda here, traveler. I'm afraid your journey ends here, traveler. Bacon 5.5M views 2 years ago @okvirgin. . "good to see you, TWINK." Ok Virgin 791K views 2 months ago Gan 1:15 ⠀ 0:09 :

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Kitty Kisses

24 5731 25 8779 Kissed him goodbye and forgot I was wearing lipstick. Looks like neither of us have the braincell. searching for service (33) ಪubm ಉted a hours ago by NecessaryFlamingo…20 0 21/Dindiangoliaincell - How do I get waterproof lipstick off my cat?? Advice Subm etc 7 hours ago by Hoetic Ricky to cat sce

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Too cute.

It's Working

adam the creator 12.5k vaccinated single women in my area 75 r/AskReddit Posted by u/adequatesenseofself. 12h 313 Awards Share # + Award So, what's your plan for seducing Bill Gates? 66.3k 4.2k Share + Award ⠀

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This Maybe

r/AskReddit u/simpleah • 3h What is a subtle sign someone isn't a good person? 4 10201488 Share r/news u/Zodiac-Gacy • 15h Florida man found with over "one ton" worth of child p >graphy Join ⠀ 80171333 Share

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Just subtle signs.

There's Your Answer

r/AskReddit u/Ubemin. 2h NSFW Boys, what is something you didn't know about girls until you got with one? 31063719 r/BlackPeopleTwitter u/battleangel1999. 6h. reddit vilu I've had a girl do least it was clean I guess. 2294 Share 211 dove! @lovedoveclarke forgive me if I'm just high but in the movies when ladies say "I'm going to freshen up" is that... just a polite way of saying "I'm going to put my leg up on the sink and wash my psy with your hand soap"...? 12:09-14 Mar 23.3.2M Views 1 Share : r/PrideAndPinion u/Prudent_Tiger_8190 - 9h. Award Ⓒ1 Award folks like these literally have 0 self respect ... 1/2 Award

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r/AskReddit What's the hardest thing for you to comprehend about the American culture? r/news 4-year-old accidentally shot, killed by 3- year-old sister in Houston-area home

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Not Whismur

r/AskReddit u/_sxqib_ • 20h 18 NSFW Whats the girl equivalent of getting distracted by a woman's boobs? 13k ↑ Share 5086 r/pokemongo u/lmaondshruwkqn 12h Why does Whismur have a booty hole? Whismur 98/98 HP ...

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Leave the Pokemon alone.


r/Pareidolia - Posted by u/PublicGap3894 10 hours ago 19 Insect-like light B 26 5 Comments Award 8 Comments Share r/itookapicture. Posted by u/ImDrunkFightMe 8 hours ago ITAP of a preying mantis Award Save ... Share Save

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06 Oops.. I DEORBITED my 45 Year Old Space Station in KSP.. capapofa - 1.6K views - 1 day ago Coco Cocos ܒܠܐ MED T What will happen to the International Space Station? Primal Space : 1.7M views - 3 years ago ED 5:13 : 5:27 ...

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Boys and Girls

r/AskReddit 13h NSFW Women of Reddit-How do you filter out the men who just want to have sex with you? What are the red flags? 7124 3077 Share r/ask 18h Where is it NOT appropriate to hit on women? 4 576 1822 ↑ Share

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Correct Stemmen r/dadjokes u/danjl68.21 u 0 r/NoStupid Questions u/RedditModsAreAnal • 3 u What is "T" short for in T-shirt? 464 97 r/AskReddit u/ketra1504.13 u Co Delen Delen The "T-shirt" is an abbreviation of "Tyrannosaurus shirt." 44467 49 Delen coba batt Learn More What is the biggest design flaw of the human ⠀ : : es

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r/AskReddit To u/cakedarts 6h What makes you feel like there's no hope for humans? 96 89 r/pics Home We've Peaked as a Species 517 u/DreaminDemon177 5h. Fru Discover Kraft macaroni & CHeese GUMMIES ↑ Share gummy candy Artificially Flavored NET WT 5.64 OZ (160g) + Create ... Chat s Inbox

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This should not exist.

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