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20 Anime Memes For The Weeb In You

Attention all weebs and otakus, it’s time to dive into the world of animemes. If you’ve ever wondered what the internet would look like if it was a giant anime convention, then look no further than Reddit’s very own animemes subreddit. On /r/animemes, you can find everything from the latest anime memes to hilarious fan theories about your favorite shows. And let’s not forget about the never-ending debates on whether or not your waifu is trash.

But if you thought the /r/animemes community was just all fun and games, think again. These guys take their anime seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they’ll come at you with pitchforks if you suggest that Attack on Titan isn’t the best anime of all time. And don’t even get me started on the endless posts about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. You’d think that the show was made solely for the purpose of providing meme material to /r/animemes. But hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. So, if you want to immerse yourself in the world of anime and memes, then take a look at these images from /r/animemes. Just be sure to leave your sanity at the door.

Regardless of who wins, it’s usually pretty awesome.

What is your favorite "a side character vs a main villain" fight? (Any Anime)

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Bow now.


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Mom, stop it. Your jokes aren't even funny Phantom erds But I made you

(Source: Reddit)

His mom's a savage for real??!

Your lie in April.

Japan in Anime: Japan in Real Life: Đ H

(Source: Reddit)

Time for fishing.

When you ignore the main mission to focus on a mini game

(Source: Reddit)

Batman too.

I have chainsaw demon I have 3 demons I have parents

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They did Batman wrong here.

Trolley problem solved.

0000 You can stop the trolley at any time but doing so would lead to some form of event where these people thank you and you'd have to shake hands and make small talk. AMATIR

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Waste of time.

Skip the intro why not the whole show

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(Source: Reddit)

Pubery hit hard like a truck to all of us.

What puberty did to my friends: What puberty did to me:

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Which anime was it for you?


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No drama.

At the start of a romance anime -24 episodes later- Nothing has changed!

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Kill 'em.

My mom with her grandkids My mom when we were kids PI

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Just a tad bit weird.

Humans Why do you smell so nice? Gasoline I'm not supposed to

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We'll all miss them.

im leaving R ANIMEFEELS we're leaving too ok, it's time... pls don't go

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Remember to write your name, or you're getting a zero. Ada o prod 220 B009 6000 Iwrote my name, but I still got a zero. THE to I

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So you're telling me that if I write my name correctly i'm going to get full marks??


Redo Healer This is the most most yikes anime I've ever seen The most yikes you've ever seen SO FAR My The Rising of HERO 8 8 Anti The Rising of HERO

(Source: Reddit)

Oh really?

The "We Can Beat Goku" Squad

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Anyone watched the OG anime?

Senpai of the pool, what's your wisdom This meme has more popularity than the anime itself

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Something's wrong.

When you finish the test in 15 minutes but the smart kid is still writing

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Something's wrong, I can feel it. Maybe I'm going to fail?

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