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20 Concerning Social Media Posts That Are A Little Too Specific

Are you tired of vague descriptions that leave you with more questions than answers? Well, fear not! This article is here to give you all the details you never knew you needed. Taken from the subreddit /r/suspiciouslyspecific, this article is a collection of posts that are incredibly specific, to the point where you can't help but wonder why someone would need such specific information.

Like the post asking for the dimensions of a blueberry pancake, or the one requesting the exact temperature at which melted cheese becomes a solid again. And then there are the posts that are just plain weird. Like the one asking for a list of songs that sound like they're being sung by a horse, or the request for the weight of a giraffe's tongue. But the real question is, who are these people that need such specific information? Are they planning a blueberry pancake-themed party? Or perhaps they're writing a dissertation on the cheese-solidifying temperature? We may never know.

But one thing's for sure, browsing through the following images from /r/suspiciouslyspecific will leave you both amused and baffled. Here's a glimpse into the minds of people with a level of attention to detail that's both impressive and slightly concerning.


Dan Sheehan @ItsDanSheehan We need more music where the singer says "take 'em for a walk, Artie" and then a guy with a clarinet just goes nuts for like 8 minutes 11:35 AM 01 Jun 22 .

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Didn't know this was a rule?

anime tim @Postin Monkey After turning 35, men must make a decision; to either get really into World War 2 history, or really into smoking various meats

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Thank you Grandpa.

How to hide three bricks of cocaine in the nursing home 10K views 1 month ago 936 60 Share Download + Save 22M

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18 NSFW You go out on a date with the hottest guy/girl you met online, they laugh at all your jokes but one joke makes them laugh so hard that their glass eye pops out and falls on your soup. Will you be up for a second date? Why or why not? ↑ Share 359 213

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FBI is outside.

52 r/AskReddit Posted by ↑ 34.6k You have 30 minutes to hide a USB drive in your house. Your house will then be raided by police, detectives and some FBI agents all searching for the USB. Where do you hide it so that it won't be found? BEST COMMENTS 10h 14.8k + Share 2 Awards I can only imagine that right now somewhere in the world there is a group of FBI agents raiding a house, sweating, not being able to find a specific USB. Their boss is on their ass. Their last hope is to consult the all-knowing members of the r/AskReddit Community.

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Where would you hide it tho (definitely not the FBI)?


Theresa Lucas @TheresaLucas3 ... imagine having a miscarriage and your boyfriend at the time makes a comic on the internet about it and then it becomes a f king meme for like 15 years

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No way they tried that.

absolute angel @Internet Hippo It's wild that you can just do anything. Date the wrong person, choose the wrong career. You can go outside and start eating dirt if you want, and the universe lets you. Not even a pop up like "Are you sure?" 4:50 AM - 03 Feb 20 Twitter for iPhone -

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Defo talking about themselves.

NEWS To combat declining birth rate, Japan to begin offering "Breeding Visas" to foreigners 5748 766 ME GUSTA Share Necessary_Row_4889 7h I've known Japanese American... TheFeralFaux 6h Yes. But they'll give it to doctors and athletes. Not some neck beard with a cheeto stained ahegao shirt that thinks he can speak Japanese because he's watched copious amounts of anime.

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We're all trying that.

Kanye West Indies @Kanye868 How do you politely tell your visitor that it's time to go home? MIIIA Πal OIL πεμπtu" 2/ πεμπές Sarah Aldridge If you're from the midwest, you just say "welp" really forcefully and slap your knees with your hands, then stand up. Other midwesterners will recognize the signal and say "spose we should head out"

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Jack Crosbie @jscros ... maybe a controversial take but car headlights are too bright these days. every single SUV is equipped with like military grade halogen retina destroyers. jeep grand cherokee drivin around with the 9/11 memorial spotlights on the front. lighthouse-ass chevy tahoes. grow up 12:54 AM 12/11/21 - Twitter for iPhone

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did a rooster write this ??? All shelby lorman @sdlorman I what do roosters do X News Videos Images Maps Shopping The roosters may break up hen fights, find and give treats to then hens, encourage egg- laying, and even monitor the nest boxes. Roosters are beautiful. Roosters are classic farmyard icons, and they are gorgeous to look at in many cases. Roosters have a lot of personality. Dec 8, 2020 0.0 B

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Nice addy.

NETFLIX Brotherhood Of Unemployed Magicians Live in Box on Street St. Loser, Misery 46254 holybazookas The things you see delivering mail

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Definitely happened to them.

Imagine getting in a cab blacked out tryna make it home and you wake up with $3000 in your pocket. You panic cause you don't know how you got the money, 10 months later you're watching tv and see your drunk ass getting in the back of the Cash Cab and nailing all the questions

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Countries where it's illegal to eat the carpet of an airport.

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So you're telling me it's legal to eat it anywhere else?

Education is the most important meal of the day.

-`ryn¸´- @onlineryn "could a depressed person do this???" i ask, perfectly balancing a bowl of soup, a jar of pickles, peanut butter, an orange, and tea in my hands as i walk from the kitchen to my bedroom preparing to eat my first meal of the day in the middle of the night 3:56 PM - 1/29/20 - Twitter for iPhone 23.5K Retweets 193K Likes

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Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson 16m In a mirror, you can kiss yourself only on the lips. 499 1929 4,670 Neil deGrasse Tyson @n... 20 Dec 19 You can kiss yourself in the mirror, but only on the lips. 2,695 21.1k 66 118K Neil deGrasse Tyson @neil.... 12 Jul 13 Just an FYI: In a mirror, you can only kiss yourself on the lips. 314 2,547 . 1,665 Neil deGrasse Tyson @ne... 30 Aug 11 For Narcissists Only: Laws of reflection require that if you kiss yourself in a mirror, it will always be on the lips. 2.711 374 Neil deGrasse Tyson @ne.... 23 Feb 10: Another thought to disturb restful slu especially if you are vain: in a mirror kiss yourself only on the lips.

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He's really emphasizing that fact too. Definitely into himself.

Just a bit silly.

federations god i hate being alive i just wanna die in a national park under mysterious circumstances federations ok im done being dramatic i finally started my homework and its not that bad

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Definitely a Steve.

r/AskReddit u/scientician85. 13h 1 1 Steves of Reddit, how do you keep yourselves from saying, "Good Stevening" when greeting friends or co-workers in the evening? 4882 389 Share + Award

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Good stevening, this was a little bit too specific.

Why Margaret?

thegestianpoet she looks like the woman named margaret who sits in the front of the office and has a betty boop calendar and usually is a little stressed out because no one ever puts the outgoing mail in the right place and she's not really great with this whole "google docs" thing yet but she always remembers to fill up her candy jar with peanut m&ms in seasonal colors and when she finally retires this whole place will fall apart probably

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True love.

#2403 Roxi Horror @roxiqt Love is accepting someone for who they are. Love is knowing their faults & staying anyway. Love is not getting mad when you discover they are keeping opossums in the attic. Love is staying out of the attic unless you are feeding the opossums. Love is not calling animal control.

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Someone needs to fact check this and call for help.

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