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20 More Relationship Memes To Send To Your Loved One

Relationships are not always easy. Even when you and your significant other love each other endlessly, there are always going to be times where you don't get along with each other for whatever reason. One thing that can really boost the level of love and tenderness in your relationship though is by sending each other memes. Memes of any kind are great, but specifically memes that are relevant to your relationship are sure to make the other person smile and giggle and maybe take it a little easier on you.

Dating memes are of this realm as well. Navigating the dating world can be intimidating and anxiety-inducing, but you're not alone in the adventure. Everyone is out there looking for love. No matter what your relationship status may be, Reddit's /r/RelationshipMemes has something for everyone. Some of them may be a little cringeworthy but hey, it's not a crime to indulge in that every once in a while.


How men wanna be treated when their boys aren't around

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Send This To Them

i want to hold your hand but youre too far away so im sending this meme

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They Always Do

when you thought you lost him cause you was acting crazy but then he messages you

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Everyone's Guilty

This the look your girl gives you everytime a guy does something romantic on TV

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GAMBLERS A FANCY WOMEN 1801 APPORT NEW ORLEAN Explo Toda I disagree because you are actually the most beautiful person ever

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Okay I Guess

when his point is valid and you just kinda sit there like :

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When I meet my Hispanic girlfriends parents for the first time Look at me. Look at me. Her dad I am the Papi n now.

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Gotta Wake Up A Little Crazy

my bf: good morning love. me: explain to me why i dreamed you were cheating on me ...

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When she put you in the friend zone Me: Huh. I wonder who that's for. LAW16

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They Never Care

Me making drama out of anything // my boyfriend int

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Gotta Be Done

Me and who gf for no reason bf

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"i'm not clingy wdym?" also me:

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My Bad

Me walking out of my boyfriend's room to say hi to his mom after "watching a movie"

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Makes No Sense

Me explaining to my gf why being naked with knee high socks is scer than being fully naked My gf

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It's The Little Things

My family: For sure when he gets a girlfriend, he'll mature. My girlfriend and I:

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Trying My Best

When your girlfriend gets into gaming and you get to show her your favorite game RENEA RENEA

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Just Happy To Be Here

Me listening to him talk about the things he's passionate about even tho it makes absolutely zero sense to me

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Not Gonna Happen

My girl when I ask her to keep me alive in COD while I use the bathroom

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Not Funny Anymore

Me reading cheating jokes on twitter when I'm single vs reading them when I'm in a relationship olan

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Just The Way It Is

my gf a young strong independent woman that can take care of herset also my gf "where are my morning cuddles and coffee. I'm too weak to get up"

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