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20 Oddly Terrifying Images To Fuel Your Nightmares

Do you ever get that feeling where you're both intrigued and terrified at the same time? That's the feeling you'll get when browsing this collection. We've selected some of the top-voted posts from the subreddit /r/oddlyterrifying, which is a collection of images and videos that are both strange and creepy. From eerie landscapes to bizarre creatures, the posts on this subreddit will leave you feeling both fascinated and disturbed. But it's not just the natural world that can be oddly terrifying. There are also posts featuring strange and creepy man-made objects. Like the picture of a doll with an expression that looks a little too realistic, or the video of a robot that moves in a way that's eerily human-like.

But despite the creepiness of the posts, there's also a certain level of fascination that comes with browsing through these things. It's like watching a horror movie, where you know you're going to be scared, but you just can't look away. So if you're feeling brave (or just curious), you've come to the right place. So, see for yourself what strange and creepy things the world has to offer. Just be warned, you might not be able to sleep at night after seeing some of these posts.

Don't think it's supposed to do that.

le NEW YORK POST Weird But True Health Sex & Relationships Viral T Piece of sun breaks off, stuns scientists: 'Very curious' By Brooke Kato February 9, 2023 | 7:04pm | Updated NASA LOG IN SDO/AIA 304 2023-02-02 03:28:42 UT NEW YORK POST Scientists were left baffled after material broke off of the sun's surface and created a tornado-like swirl around its northern pole.

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Oh no no what's happening?

Bulldog wearing a muzzle.

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Water polo player with grandson.

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The size difference is just confusing.

Graffiti artists.


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Eye injury.


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Pig farm.

Gilles Sabrie for The New York Times a

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Weird warning.

06:22p $12 DV Service Message (please confirm) T 06:21p Clackamas tc buses-There is a White male 40 years old, wearin a white shirt black jeans, black tennis shoes at the Clackamas tc Main stop the theater. He has some sort of infestation of bugs on his body. DO NOT BOARD Yes No Hon Navigati Lo Messages Fare Settings Emergency

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These masks.

sa pa comptation argus Pigs Acco Spring It's parke White back Etory viery Afers & f O Insur py the machi am Ang Greetings trs sa Com edge are stad penting por PURG dall Wing th Ed Pops ZWI I FREE

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Brain meat.

69 $3.69 LEPP'S HONEY HAM /100g /100g M'S FESTIVE HAM 2900 99 /100g @tay kay EST. 1999 66 CHOPN BLOCK ARTISAN CHARCUTERIE FROM KAMLOOPS, BC Bierbiesser 60g 3.99ca /100g

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What rat was it used on??


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Definitely must've been the size of a human to be getting shot by these.

Eye is watching.

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New fear unlocked.

A fit and healthy teenager has died of a stroke aged only 17 after he collapsed at home while making tea for his family. Army cadet Ben Littlewood did not drink or smoke but is feared to have to have turned his head quickly causing an artery to tear and sending a blood clot to his brain. 6 Dec 2019> be... Teenager dies from stroke after 'turning head too quickly' while making tea at ... ? About featured snippets Feedback

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What even?

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A very dark reason why a kangaroo does that.

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Potential nuclear targets in the US.

San Francisco San Jose ✰ ■ Seattle Olympia Salem City Sacramento Oakland Los Angeles POTENTIAL NUCLEAR TARGETS Target in a 2,000 warhead scenario Carson City Target in a 500 warhead scenario State capital Sources: Natural Resources Defense Council, FEMA and Medicine & Global Survival Las Vegas San Diego Boise Salt Lake City Phoenix, Helena Cheyenne Santa Fe Denver Pierre A Bismarck Lincoln Oklahoma City Omaha Austin, Minneapolis Des Moines Kansas City, KS- Topeka St. Paul A Kansas City, MO Madison Little Rock Springfield Jefferson City Memphis Chicago St. Louis Jackson ABaton Rouge New Orleans A Indianapolis Huntsville Knoxville Nashville Atlanta Birmingham Frankfort Montgomery Miles 25 50 75 Columbus Pittsburg Charleston Tallahassee Harrisburg Richmond Columbia Savannah Raleigh Montpelier Albany Miami Augusta Concord Dover Trenton Philadelphia Wilmington Annapolis DC Boston Providence Hartford

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This dark obelisk.

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A bathroom.

r's Best et Stripper ww 33 WA www.p PG III 6 kine Ar 30 mi A WARNING THANE 2016 Lyso wipfectad Borav FAST ANTRACIUPIAL ACTION P AIRCH NER PAY WIE BASKET Wa

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The sheer urge to not use this bathroom is overpowering.

Weird stuff in a Red Bull.

200 WAY 2005 100 150 14 5 0 Innehåller kolsy Serveras väl kyld

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This poster.

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They know something we don't.

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