An example of a cursed comment, reading: "Need any help up there Bob?" "Yes, in which direction is Japan?"

Cursed Comment

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Cursed Comments refer to any replies to tweets, memes and online posts that are perceived as unexpected or upsetting. While the images of cursed comments are posted elsewhere (often with the name format of "Cursed_[Title]) as a source of humor, they are also known to evoke a feeling of fear and concern. For a comment to be considered "cursed," it must originate from a relatively surprising source, making them especially prevalent finds on Reddit, Instagram and Twitter, rather than niche platforms like 4chan or communities devoted to shocking content.


Used as a slang term, "cursed" was defined on Urban Dictionary [1] on December 23rd, 2018, by user 11DefinitelyNOTContentX09. It received 108 likes in three years (definition below).

something you'd find very scary and possibly you'd become cursed just by seeing, saying, smelling, hearing, making, etc. you will regret lots of stuff about it.
dawg: hey look at this cursed image
Tracer: Shizz man that's creepy yet blessed

The oldest known cursed comment was posted as a screenshot to /r/cursedcomments in August 2020 by u/TracerJacer73, where it received approximately 16,300 upvotes in six months. The screenshot in question features a comment on a popular video called "The World’s Largest Gummy Worm," a video from 2010 that has nearly 89 million views as of July 2021.[3] Due to the original comment being removed, there is no way to verify the exact date of this comment, but it is estimated to be from no later than the video’s second wave of popularity in 2014. This makes it the earliest known comment to be officially labeled as "cursed" and receive viral fame as such.


The subreddit /r/cursedcomments was created on April 10th, 2018. As of July 2021, it has approximately 2.8 million subscribers. The top post of all time is this comment (seen below) on an /r/AskReddit thread, uploaded by u/oblivionnnnnnnnnnn in March 2021. It gained over 124,000 upvotes and 2,400 comments in approximately 4 months.

r/AskReddit Posted by u/ 3h 1 1 谷1 46 32 23 S 39 44 37 VOTE 32 42 If you could telepathically say something that all 7.8 Billion people on earth could hear at once what would it be? 1 73.8k 24.9k Share oh 1 Award "You picked the correct religion. I am real, and this is the proof you've been asking for." Then l'd watch the world blow up.

Numerous platforms now reference unwanted comments as "cursed," especially on Twitter and Reddit. On Reddit, it is common for cursed comments to receive the designation as such by a link to /r/cursedcomments being posted beneath it. Afterward, it will almost always appear as a screenshot on the subreddit uploaded by another user. For example, this cursed comment (seen below) was uploaded to the subreddit[4] after a user included the hyperlink on July 8th, 2021, where it received 218 upvotes and seven comments within four hours.

This photo is from 1955, it was called "a few seconds before happiness". The_beaver_cleaver 24m The child was starving and his father finally brought him a decent meal. G Rispondi 26 3 Dim_Sum1 23m Golly, Beave... + 8 3 3m When this gets on r/cursedcomments, I want to be green.

Cursed Images

Cursed images are photographs that depict an upsetting and indescribable situation. Due to their popularity taking off several years prior to that of cursed comments, they are often seen as precursors to the latter. The two trends are not dependent on one another, but cursed images helped to define the modern conception of "cursed" on the internet.

Various Examples

Anonymous B45tWh9U 105241343 1 hr. ago Whatever happens to emos? Where did they go? 29 REPLIES 9 IMAGES REPLY Anonymous H8G/1aFs | 105241496 1 hr. ago If your social group is defined by a suicidal nature don't expect it to last a long time. Jennifer Wortman @wrefinnej Today I discovered my husband has me in his phone as "Jennifer Wortman." Jon Birger, author @jonbirger1 Replying to @wrefinnej Could be worse. One of my identical twins has the other twin in his phone as "spare parts." Dinners gonna be delicious A Tip 9 Comments Award Share Save Not_A_DoctorBreadboi - 3h 16 How do you get them to stay in the pan mine always run out Reply Give Award Share Report Save wumpy-wumper 3h gun 仓29 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Tweet Umar @umar_018 · 11h Replying to @peta @peta if you respond, I'm buying 100 cows and I'm gonna boil them alive #donate 27 56 573 PETA O @peta · 11h Thanks for your support! Complete your PETA donation now: Complete your donation to @peta PETA 15 27 28 97 r/AskReddit Posted by u/icylilith • 5h 14 2 12 6 S 8 12 What's the weirdest compliment you've ever been given? 25.5k と 9.1k a Share + Award BEST COMMENTS milkmanyeti · 3h 6 Awards "I'd kill my grown children if I could go back in time and make a new set with you" - Old lady buying cigarettes Q Reply 分 11.8k

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