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20 People Bragging About Their Otherworldly Intelligence

Reddit's /r/iamverysmart is full of people who have nothing better to do than to spread their immense amounts of knowledge with the world. In normal circumstances, spreading knowledge and educating others who are seeking to be taught new things would generally be a harmless thing to do. However, for the individuals in this subreddit, they only feel the need to say something when explicitly not asked.

More often than not, they are also most definitely lying, or at least exaggerating incredibly. Feeling superior to others is something these galaxy-brained people live of off. Whether it's correcting a seemingly harmless joke or trying to dispute an opinion or argument, these high-IQ users must show off everything and anything they know. They are better than you and everyone needs to know that.

He Did Ask

And I have a STEM PhD. And I earn six figures. And I use the phrase "stochastic terrorism". Do I sound smart, or am I smart? Vote 1h You sound unbearable to be perfectly honest

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Scientists Are Shaking

Logan Paul @Logan Paul I figured out the universe Mzv ∞ - ∞o is a concept, doesn't exist in the natural universe* GOD shape (celestial bodies) sphere/circle = universe is likely finite & contained & spherical time → infinite? - - - - eventually, all stars more no will die = IF universe is contained (has an end), can theory? Poincare Apple in 64 box we assume recurrence When everything is dead & dust & becomes a of matter be GRAVITY BLACK HOLES EVERYWHERE density - universe essentially collapses on itself... high temperature BIG BANG!!! universe repeats. life is cyclical. 2 19:13 05 Feb. 23 become the apple (again) we CONCLUSION: NOTHING MATTERS EXCEPT THE TIME WE HAVE AND EACH OTHER NOW →LOVE A (a force of attraction, similar to gravity.... #black holes / wormholes → laws of physics no longer apply... ∞ exists?? MULTIVERSE BUT WHO/WHAT CREATED & WHY? *GOD*

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Couldn't have done it without him.

Just So Quirky

Bills 15m I love how everyone calls it scorebug, scoreboard, or score graphic, and then there's me who, as soon as I got into watching football, just mentally went "Yeah so that's the UI." And whenever a network comes out with a new one I'm like "Oh cool, new UI debut." Same for the touchdowns. I'm like "Ah neat, new Touchdown UI." This year's Super Bowl is no different. I guess it's just how my quirky brain works. Reply ↑ 1.

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He's so different and weird guys.

Say Less

me explaining to my neurotypical friends that the experience of deja vu may be indicative of the circularity of time and the incomprehensibility of temporal phenomena, and that the experience is often sidelined because the rupture in our cognition is too terrifying to bear, the personal subjective narrative is fragmented so violently that we resist its mystery + 64 @ 7 8

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No please, say less.

When You're a Child Bibliophile

I never could get into the HP books as a kid, but that's because I was a bibliophile. When you read more than just what's assigned in school you have frames of reference and can easily see how mid that series is. For years I was told it was poor taste to talk down about that fandom, but clearly not enough people were ragging on it. Reply -1

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Clearly Very Bothered

I studied quantum mechanics when I was 12 years old, proved Fermat's last theorem when I was 16, and developed an engine that violates the second law of thermodynamics. I have an IQ of 185, and I am bothered by that statement. My training in psychology, sociology, and psychiatry informs me that those with an IQ of under 50 are not bothered by the statement. 5d Like Reply 17

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Peaked at 16 it seems.

You Seem Fun

I'm in Philly and a lot of people are wearing Eagles jerseys and maybe I'm a carmudgeon but the idea of (publicly) wearing a jersey and orienting your whole day around getting excited about a game where people run into each other with helmets is vaguely annoying. 6:54 AM Jan 29, 2023 806.9K Views 17 Retweets 1,374 Quote Tweets 121 Likes

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Let people enjoy things.

A Review Of Harvard University

2 reviews 2 years ago Ok, I see all of these other kids in school saying that they are going to go to medical school when they get older and it is their dream. They won't because they are not smart they are average, they do not excel or have good learning techniques. I am in 7th grade and I am in 10 grade math(ap pre cal), I skipped Biology and basic chemistry and physics (I am now in ap chemistry), I am in every single ap class, I have an 4.0 gpa in the two high school classes that I am in ,and above a 98.9 in every class. I have studied and taken notes on every page in a whole anatomy and physiology medical book, I have also memorized a whole medical terminology book and now am on to learning more. So those kids won't make it only those who try hard like me. Helpful (2) Not Helpful

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This will get him in.

Clearly They Know Better

-53 points 2h It's called semantics shift - I've done it since a kid and have a dual masters so clearly I know better. I prefer typing it out that way as do many others - nothing is "wrong" with anyone. deal with it.

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What Is He Even Saying

< Replies please translate: "Sup y'all" I'm really unsure about interpreting urban slang, text speak, text acronyms, emoticons, emojis. I do know Latin and have an extremely vast English language vocabulary. READ STUDY REREAD RESTUDY RESEARCH MORE & MORE & MORE. 5h Like Reply 2

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Ingrate Parasites!

Today at 3:58 AM Low IQs simply fail to understand how the world works. Their jobs are easily replaceable, which makes them more expendable for the government. Most of the prison burden is concentrated in the lower-IQ segment of the population due to their inability to appreciate the long-term consequences of their actions. They have far fewer abilities and skills that can be usefully contributed to the community. They simply lack the cognitive ability to be responsible citizens and I'm very very glad that I'm not one of them. They are just like livestock but without the ROI: ingrate parasites. Today at 3:59 AM r/iamverysmart

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Whatever Works I Guess

Top fan The way I remember the kilometer is shorter is by remembering 250 miles is about the size of the smallest objects in our solar system with hydrostatic equilibrium, this is about 400 kilometers. 6 h Like Reply 119

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Oct 19, 2009. have you ever come up with a theory on quantum physics only to find out it was already theorized by michio kaku? because that just happened to me. fml. Like Comment Share

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So hard being so smart.

Too Good For Cartoons

At 13? For me cartoon network &Nickelodeon were more when I was below 10... At 13 I was starting to read some philosophy and learning my first programming languages G 4-3

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Delete This

8h delete this post. what's the point Wh cara What's the point of anything? : < ↑ -263 70 - 7h what a great question - one that certainly can't be answered within a reddit post. if your point here is to be witty, let me refute it. there certainly is a point to posting on subs like crusader kings, although what that point is i'm not certain. But I do know, that generally the posts on this sub can be considered useful when they either contribute to the understanding of the community or they provide something entertaining. This post does neither; thus I say, delete this.

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So Crazy

Snapchat memories reminding me of what I nerd I am. Tb to when I'd bring my hw with me to the gym and my clients thought that it was our workout for the day 12345678910 DP (0) Dolea /-18 of 10 GEHTS M KTO Ser Sinj L 2. $id:#768 So LJ •DD²-V) Pv FE-P²=(-) (1) {por, poz = 27251 / / [dbdbdc]op[-3-39-2x) * Josif ( (bog) (c(31) √ ;((bi, s.) (1) نه) 9:00 AM - Feb 17, 2023 2,478 Views 36-65-38 (21-1₂-201445²-58) *V(6)-(3) poffz Swa-1) LPM *(x))+1) (Saxis)-2) ²18 imp Cu A 5 / 50 = 30 + 80 VA) forf 800 [R2R₂² R₂ Sus H daSWA (0.6)|6:6² αd. Sw(60). Rhe dadbowa (06) (6:6. #ava OeJw(0) [22] ObJWA (6.0) 10.6.a. V Əbd (0) R²2 () ()

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Just An Unpopular Opinion

OPINION r/unpopularopinion u 2h I automatically assume that people who say "tuna fish" are idiots. A startling number of people say things like, "I'm in the mood for a tuna fish sandwich," despite the fact that they would never say, "Chicken bird is one of my favorite foods," or, "I think 80/20 is the best percentage for ground beef mammal." This inconsistency in their manner of speaking is entirely illogical, and the fact that they've never reflected on this enough to recognize it and correct it leads me to assume that they're idiots. 257 347 Share

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Taught From Britannica

son Ive read more than you probably will ever read in your life I literally taught myself to read from the encyclopedia Britannica I don't need you to tell me what I do and don't understand in reading comprehension. That's why I said it's stupid not racist because many people believe that stupid rhetoric 3d Like Reply

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Too Smart to Date

I've been told a few times that I'm too intelligent to date, some qualifying it as "scary" intelligent. I don't know about that re: myself, but I'm not about to date anyone scared of intelligent women, so 100% of those situations worked out perfectly for me. What's YOUR flex? Let's share! Why are people NOT attracted to you? Please flex.

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What's your flex?

Occasionally Feeling Superior

1 day ago (edited) Mathematical IQ, over 150. Hasn't done me a scrap of good outside of occasionally feeling superior when someone says that they don't understand maths. EQ, <100, probably around 80. Couldn't read a room even with subtitles and access to people's inner monologues. I think that's why so few of my YouTube comments get likes... Edit, thank you to whoever clicked "like" on this. 3 L

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