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20 People Exposed For Lying On The Internet

Some people will lie about anything. Lying is something that everyone has done once or twice in their lives, probably more than that if we're being honest. Small, generally harmless lies that are told by most of us and just swept under the rug are one thing. Another thing is the people who lie on social media as a sort of hobby or a way to gain online clout. Online, you can say just about anything anywhere. This makes lying super easy. The only risk is that you probably will get called out for it depending on the amount of traction it gains.

There are some expert sleuths out there who are willing to dig up the receipts and crack down on a lie at any chance they are given. Watching someone's expertly crafted (or so they thought) lie get busted on the internet is both embarrassing and laughable. It's awkward and usually not taken well by the person who made up the lie in the first place. Here are 20 moments of people getting caught in action lying on the internet for some reason or another.

Don't Forget to Update Your LinkedIn

And this is why I'm not willing to get dragged into a heated debate over vaccines with you. There is a plethora of information out there guys... if you are willing to do the research the way I did. Just for the record, I have done my Masters in Science Epidemiology. I simply don't have time to sit and educate those who are so short sighted and nasty. Hide · Tuesday at 22:09 If that's the case, you might want to update your LinkedIn's only showing your BA in music/singing.. Hide Tuesday at 23:16

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This Is Sad

8h I had s with Jennifer Lopez back in 1987. She was around 18 - 19. I went to high school with her, there was pretty intense. Now I live on a farm up north and there she goes being super famous! Lol. 7h Are you serious? Or just playing, for real, for real? Seriously. 7h 2h What made it "pretty intense"? ...Reply 112 分 22凸 25凸 ← 464 6凸 He's lying. I went to the same high school as Jennifer Lopez and our school was a girls only catholic high school.

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Called Out

we my f 1,015 Jack cookie... 1d Yipee cookie 24.9K Replying to @f You didnt make this though 195K kip @heartlxcket OH MY GOD 5.5M

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So Embarrassing

9:52 facebook Home Thank you for giving us a safe place to Come to you always have the best advice & always know how to handle Our crazy emotions. You're the best, seriously. We are so lucky to have You here. ) Like 5G 45 ai you da 00 B Friends your fav secret admirer Comment 18 others 4 comments Girl, I would recognize your handwriting and use of different colors of ink anywhere. (C Send 6 Watch Marketplace Notifications Menu

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People Just Make Stuff up

Woman makes her return from shopping in Saddleworth this morning. Vote No she didn't 2 4m Share + Award -wildfires-sums-true-northern-grit-7663925

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Okay That's a Little Funny

*their Looks like you haven't done your GCSEs yet either. Only been speaking English for a year, I'm trying my best Lol your profile says otherwise 4 23 : ↑ Vote Busted lol. I just don't like people correcting my grammar in non formal settings and was trying to make u feel bad Vote

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Detox Diets are a Scam

I am a trained Hepatologist and a liver transplant physician caring for the most advanced cirrhosis patients for almost a decade. And I can confidently say, without an iota of doubt, that everything mentioned in the below thread is absolute rubbish. There is NO food or diet that can reverse liver disease or detox the liver. The liver is your detox. : Follow real experts for real advise, the rest are here as comic relief. Save The 7 best foods to detoxify the liver: BEFORE AFTER زه

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Not Even Enjoyable at That Point Anyways

-2 mo. ago I read about 800 books per year. I'm at 76 so far for 2023. Before someone asks, I don't read manga or audiobooks, nor do I read short books and novellas. 800 books per year is about 2 and half books per day, an average novel is about 80,000 words. According to an internet test I just took, I read at about 700wpm, and according to screen time I spend 4-6h per day on the apple books app. The average person reads at 300wpm, and it takes them about 5h to read an average length novel. If I read twice that fast, I can finish a book in 2.5h. Which based on my screen time, means I read roughly 2.5 books per day, which is how many books you need to read daily to read 800 books per year. OP-2 mo. ago I read about 800 books per year. I'm at 76 so far for 2023. Of all the bs that liars claim - this is the most bs of all.

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Drama Put to Rest

Gillian Anderson @GillianA Absolute be" s M Metro @MetroUK. 2d It's been reported that The Crown producers have been 'forced to rewrite their scripts' after claims Gillian Anderson 'refused to reprise her role as Margaret Thatcher for the sixth and final season of the hit Netflix show.... 5:49 pm - 10 Apr 23 974K Views 605 Retweets 105 Quotes 10.9K Likes

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EXT J.K. Rowling @jk_rowling.8m Show the actual words, Jack. Show me where I said I'm the victim of a witch hunt by trans people. 3 17 3 36 il 409 ↑ Youre on a podcast called "the witch trials of jk rowling" 92 27 2 il 75

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Talking to Yourself

horse of a different shoe! (color) Someone's worldly! Ty Someone forgot to switch accounts. ⠀ No just multiple personalities. 4凸 4 -4 ♡ 4-3 ↓ 11凸 Vote

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Classic Art Theft

in General 17m I drew this for y'all This is for all you dog lovers >o Visual matches Sabado Ishbaj GIF - Sabado Ishbaj Feliz... View 3 results $4* *sigh* Next time... Try harder. 5m Premium Vector | Adorable dog... $5*

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Local Guide 53 reviews 13 photos a year ago Pathetic food quality... vomiting starts after taking their food items... a year ago L (owner) Greetings, We always welcome healthy and genuine criticism but we will not allow any kind of false allegations. After detail analysis we came to know that our restaurant has denied to serve you (on 21.05.21) as you repeatedly violated lockdown rules and asked to take and have food inside restaurant which is completely against W.B govt. Lock Rule. On the hand our restaurant has offered you home service which you denied and started misbehaving with restaurant staff and as far as our restaurant's customer database you are regular customer. We understand our demand and thus care our customer with utmost care but maintaining the protocols at large. Hope to serve you soon. Thank you,

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Yeah, Okay

M18 India, My university hosted an event for their 25th year anniversary & invited every student, parents of the present year. My mom attended the event & now guys wants to be her friend asking me to introduce to my mom. The photo guy asked mom to pose & clicked this picture after getting her number Liar!! That's an actress. Stop trying to farm karma.

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Text Message Today 2:41 PM Hi, this is DoorDash connecting you to your Dasher for updates about your order. my goal today is complete customer satisfaction and a five star rating. please rate me as your five star driver. your orders on its way. Have a great day. Why is that may I ask Very disappointed Pizza left on porch, received no indication that it had arrived. No knock on door or doorbell ring. Pizza now cold and needed to be heated in oven. I rang the bell. Sorry Here is a video of you not ringing the bell

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James Gunn replied Collider @Collider 22h - COLLIDER James Gunn says he would make an R-rated 'Scooby Doo 3' if he had the time. James Gunn Says He Would Make R-Rated 'Scooby Doo 3' 10 133 485 James Gunn @JamesGunn-4h I love you guys but that isn't what I said, and the article's title is full-on false. 78 108 3,960

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Weird Lie

SEE WWW 22 1 21h Replying to My child had these surgeries performed at 7 and SHE is now 13 and never seen her happier 26 Replying to @ Bruh stop lying 12 A 7 or 13 year old can not get gender reassignment surgery : This is such a weird lie 14:23 03 Nov 22. Twitter for Android

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'He Goes to Another School'

No it's not That's the You won't fool me lol boy from it That's the background too lololol Omg yadda yadda yadda house in the Fine you want to see my actual boyfriend Nah I'm good

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He's the Bear-necessity we need, not the one we deserve. ↑ 11 ↓ Did you just pull a dark knight and jungle book reference at the same dan time? ↑↑↑ Just take my stupid up vote brilliant. 4-7 Umm didn't you forget to change your account? 16凸

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Oh Lord

Nothing is better than seeing people battling cancer & living life to its fullest Sir I do not have cancer delete pls and ty 222

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