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20 Photos Representing Our Dystopian Society

There is a subreddit on Reddit called /r/aboringdystopia. It's a very unique and interesting place full of images and memes that show the truth of the world that we live in. It paints a strange picture of the effects of late capitalism that has turned our society into one that is closer to dystopia than we have ever seen before.

No one can deny the fact that the world we live in is a weird place and we're all just doing our best to get by. Some of these examples will be sure to annoy you at least a little bit. The greed for wealth is only growing greater, and it is very apparent. A lot of us are struggling to get by, while the rich keep getting richer and actually end up profiting from our struggle. It's a pretty frustrating way to live. No one is alone in it though, and this subreddit is here to remind you of that. Here are 20 examples of memes and photos that prove that we live in a dystopian society, thanks to capitalism.

A Plastic Bag

LAUREN B. BROWN. @RAGGEDYROYAL This is not beautiful. This is not sweet. This is heartbreaking. This is infuriating. IG: mcmxcv_i @anesuish... . 5d Every morning these Vietnamese parents carefully enclose their son in a plastic bag so his dad can carry him across the river to school so he can stay dry, and after school his dad gets him home the same way. Show this thread

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Unaffordable necessities starter pack Gabela

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Maybe Pay Them


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Pretty True

Thoughts? What Covid 19 taught you... the makeup shapeshifter @SlimGirlSupreme America is a third world country wearing a Gucci belt

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We're Done For

When you leave your children in a society where studio apartments cost half of their salary, it takes 500 applications to get an entry-level job, state schools cost $100,000, and jobs pay nothing.

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It Can Tell

There are two person in front of the screen Viewership is limited 当前屏幕前有两个人,将限制人数观看, Please purchase family package 请购买家庭套餐 OK 知道了 There are two pair of eye looking 当前屏幕有2只眼 Please purchase VIP to watch 请购买双目 vip观看 知道了

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"In these uncertain times, (giant corporation) is here for you" рибная

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Jennifer Gunter @DrJenGunter $600 for my son who lived about 3 minutes. He received no medical care. At all. As he died almost immediately he didn't get enrolled in my insurance plan, so I got the bill. From the hospital where I was a doctor. Bernie Sanders @Bernie Sanders Sep 14, 2019 What's the most absurd medical bill you have ever received? ... 5:26 PM Sep 14, 2019 Twitter for iPhone

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MORE PERFECT UNION More Perfect Union @MorePerfectUS BREAKING: The lowa Senate passed a child labor law before dawn today. The bill lets 14-year-olds work 6-hour night shifts, 15-year-olds work on assembly lines, and 16- and 17-year-olds serve alcohol. The Senate went through the night, and voted on child labor at 4:52 a.m. 10:25 AM 18 Apr 23 63.4K Views 559 Retweets 195 Quotes 992 Likes MORE PERFECT UNION □ More Perfect Union @More Pe... 16m Now the bill moves to the lowa House. 17 . We recently investigated this bill, and uncovered that it began in the office of Gov. Kim Reynolds and was written by top corporate lobbyists led by the restaurant association.

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Trashy Behavior too

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Shouldn't Be Necessary

NEWS Subscribe 91-year-old Oregon woman raises enough to retire with GoFundMe Published: Apr. 19, 2023, 1:14 p.m.

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Happens Too Often

Maria @MariaRMGBNews 23h Today I had one of the most harrowing experiences of my life. Regrettably it didn't seem everyone there found it quite so poignant. 3,458 3,624 25.5K

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Think of The Companies

WIREDUK AA PLAYTIME'S OVER The Collapse of Childcare Is Putting Pressure on UK Employers British parents often can't afford to go back to work, exacerbating a labor shortage. MEGAN CARNEGIE 19.84.23 02:04 AM

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Plastic Ecosystem

< yahoo! People Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Now So Vast That Sea Creatures Have Turned It Into a Home Anna Lazarus Caplan Tue, April 18, 2023 at 5:05 PM GMT+2 2 min read A study published in Nature Ecology & Evolution found 484 marine invertebrates accounting for 46 different species in the "garbage vortex" that floats between California and Hawaii The Ocean Cleanup

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Why Is Everything Content?

Host of Linkedin Perspective Broadca... 1w Well, today didn't go as we hoped but it's in the hardest of times we learn the best lessons and feel the most gratitude. 1,224 Like + Follow Comment ...more 202 Comments Share

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No Worries

NEED BOOKS? NO WORRIES DONATE PLASMA Earn $250 in your first 5 donations! Reagan WILLES Advertising Biomat USA & Talecris Plasma Resources GRIFOLS

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Out of Touch

C America's young adults are so broke they're ruining their parents' retirements F Fortune - 6d . ...

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Great Solution

Hey @YouTube, maybe don't put ads before first aid vids? I don't have time to watch a Red Lobster ad when my grandma is choking on a fish bone. 10 119 TeamYouTube ♥ @TeamYouTube 150 ... Replying to palmin Sorry to hear about the trouble - YouTube Premium offers an ad-free experience when you watch videos. Learn more here: Hope this helps.

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