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20 Photos To Prove We're Living In A Dystopian Society

We read about dystopian societies in books. The genre has become quite popular and is entertaining. The societies represented in those books, though, are generally quite extreme, something we couldn't fathom being a part of. However, the dystopia is all around us. The way we consume media and commodities, the constant push for advertising, the struggle for most to simply thrive. We live in a dystopia, but unfortunately, it's much more boring that what could be pictured. Ads instead of cool adventures.

The signs are all around us. There's no escape from companies, capitalism and consuming; we are all a part of it. Reddit users have started to notice more and more of the blatant signs of our reality collapsing and thus have collected images, photos, headlines and other screen grabs to compile into a subreddit titled /r/aboringdystopia. The proof is all there. Here are 20 moments where the reality of our world set in for people.


Rick Ross says he would never ride in a Tesla because he fears the self-driving car could take him to the authorities against his will By Hannah Getahun January 28, 2023.3 Min read worgette 1

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So Much For Healthy Eating

Asda and Morrisons limit sales of fruit and vegetables the 35 minutes ago C SWNS tely 99p PRICE LOCKED LOW Salad Tomatoes £1.59 p HER 62, en n 2008 ******* BARRIA KAAREN PAS nifer Organic Large Vine Tomatoes 400g £1.79 I ANIMA LA

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No Space Wasted


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Nothing Left

c overval Finderentr inte TERMEDIATE E RE €1.25

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Isn't Dying For A Brand What We All Want?

+ Follow The passing of It is with the very deepest of sadness that we announce and mourn the passing of our dear friend and colleague Phil died doing what he loved, returning from a customer event in London networking and promoting our brand.

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Modern Solutions

25 km/h PE 371- OGE CHRO

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We've Gone Too Far

III The New York Times Bing's A.I. Chat Reveals Its Feelings: 'I Want to Be Alive. In a two-hour conversation with our columnist, Microsoft's new chatbot said it would like to be human, had a desire to be destructive and was in love with the person it was chatting with. Here's the transcript.

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I don't like this at all.

Ads In The Elevator

P R WP PMA 18831 LIFT: L3 1

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Consume always.

Whatever Works

48.9k r/Damnthatsinteresting. Posted by u/fesbanu 28 days ago Couple Will Live On Cruise Ship For The Rest Of Their Lives As It Is Cheaper Than Paying Their Mortgage Image PORTA CI

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Might be kinda fun.

A Lot Going On


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Gotta Capitalize On Disasters

Norfolk Southern Upgraded to Buy After Ohio Train Derailment B Barron's 6h مه ●●●

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That Makes It All Worth It

Thank you!! For your.... EncourageMint Commitmint InvestMint Involvemint with driving sales and beating plan by $6,000,000!! You are very appreciated!

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Feeling appreciated.

The Dream


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Crimes Against Humanity But Make It Ecological

HOME > BI GENERAL CONTRIBUTORS The US Army wants to create biodegradable bullets that plant flowers where they fall Robin Andrews, IFL Science Jan 13, 2017, 1:44 PM D realist2000/Shutterstock Read in app

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Landlords Taking Self Defense Classes

Jack Ross @mothercity - 2h NEW: The L.A. landlord association is teaching its members self defense against tenants, tenant groups, "transients" and the other hazards of life in the private housing business. It's called AVERT, and I attended. And took pictures. O 'There's Just No Hiding': Inside the Self-Defense Class for Landlords After suing to end eviction protections, an L.A. property owners association prepares for the day tenants attack.

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Never Stop Consuming

This will make watching tiktok in the shower even more fun & easy! Oddly Gadgets

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The Good Old Days

telegraph The last time housing was this unaffordable was in Victorian times House prices now stand at more than nine times the average salary, a ratio not seen since 1876 In London meanwhile, homes now cost 12 times earnings a 个

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Just A Super Nutritious School Lunch

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Eat And Scram

Anonymous 02/01/23(Wed)23:30:18 No.72062178 No Loitering Please Time Limit: 30 MINUTES While Consuming Food Your Cooperation Is Appreciated FZqPZrmUEAAOmvm.jpg 845 KB JPG E

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Ads When You Pause

LO ST We'll pause to answer your what-ifs, anytime. PROUD SPONSOR OF HBO MAX | State Farm

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You can never escape.

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