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20 Posts That Are Bound To Make You Facepalm

There are a lot of crazy and stupid people in the world. It seems as if every day we can hear a news story going around online that makes us wonder how we've survived so long as a species instead of dying off long ago. Our silliness truly knows no bounds, and while it can be funny sometimes, other times it can be incredibly worrying.

Reddit's /r/facepalm is a depository of how people can be stupid on the internet. With over seven million active members, it has thousands of posts, from news articles to social media posts, reminding you how stupid individuals can be online. Here are 20 of the best posts on the subreddit from the past month for your own enjoyment. Let this be your daily reminder that if you think you've done some stupid things in your life, there are people out there who've probably done much worse.

Something's Off…

When you're an influencer but you don't know how to use the Roman numerals.

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Playing "Hard To Get"

← Thread My friend didn't reply to her man for two weeks and told me that "you gotta give them time to miss you" and now he's got a new girl LMFAOOOO 6:50 PM Jun 24, 2019 Twitter for iPhone 28.2K Retweets 224.6K Likes < 27

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Cancel Culture Snaps Back

Brigitte Gabriel @ACTBrigitte 11h Pizza Hut has gone full woke, now we must make them full broke. 1,101 1,999 9,244 Welcome to Hellworld @SK86Politix Replying to @ACTBrigitte This you? Brigitte Gabriel @ACTBrigitte Oct 12, 2021 Cancel Culture is ruining America. 9:07 AM Jun 3, 2022. Twitter for Android : :

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"Cultural Icon"

WORLD Beyoncé reportedly argues her 7-year-old daughter is a 'cultural icon' in a legal fight to trademark the name Blue Ivy Beyonce has argued that her 7-year-old daughter Blue Ivy is a "cultural icon" in a trademark dispute with a small business owner. The singer's attempts to trademark her little girl's name have met opposition from wedding planner Wendy Morales, whose business shares a name with Blue Ivy.

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Some People Are So Desperate

Dude pays 10k to meet a girl he follows on OnlyFans. All he got was a hug. One month later, that money is funding a trip for her and her actual bf that she had the entire time. Mar 13-0 I met my top fan for $10k *** e is wit Apr 23- We are going to see the world together babe, one vacay at a time!

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It's Also Used In Danish

4 NIMIMIZ IZL Using "Ø" is a white supremacist give away. We get it, sir, you think you're descended from uber-white Vikings. 148 CI 175 15 Øyvir Øis a letter in the Norwegian alphabet and the first letter in my name. 9 17 132 1,141

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Good Job Matpat!

MatPat @MatPatGT Follow You had a few typos. I fixed it. "Millennials Are So Motivated They're Taking Classes to Learn The Skills Older Generations Failed to Teach Them" Daily Caller @DailyCaller Millennials Are So Helpless They're Taking 'Adulting Classes' To Learn How To Do Things Like Sew A Button DAILY CALLER

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Very Cheap!

- Please return upper portion with your payment 2 T Payment Plan $3,789.91 x 60 months Payment Options OR Pay In Full $227,394.75 Due 11/15/2022 View All Options: 2000 Important Message Thank you for choosing Memorial Hermann for your healthcare needs.

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Imagine That…

Rep. Madison Cawthorn @RepCawthorn Imagine if we spent $40 Billion on veterans. 9:50 AM - 5/11/22 Twitter Web App NO LIE DRIAN TYLER GOHEN 387 Retweets 214 Quote Tweets 2,362 Likes 27 No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen @NoLieWithBTC.43m ... Replying to @RepCawthorn A couple of weeks ago you voted against a bill expanding health care for veterans exposed to burn pits and other toxins. 47 531 4,039

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"This woke world that Guthy Reker we're living in right now is not working. I feel sorry for the other O athletes that are out there." Ol-Caitlyn Jenner JANE SEYMON FORE Moments Matter. nniversa NEWS channel

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Life Must Be SO Hard For Her…

G Guardian US @Guardianus. Gwyneth Paltrow broke down and ate bread during quarantine. What was your lowest point? 482 Gwyneth Paltrow broke down and ate bread during quarantine. What was y... ace @TradNorm 1,244 The. Guardian 8 183 Replying to @GuardianUS I lost my job and my mother died ***

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Europe, Incredibly Underdeveloped

Rep I wished I lived in a city where I didn't need a car 2 27 6 27 19 Move to Europe, plenty cities you can live without owning a car · 1d : 27 4 L Europe sucks. It's like stepping back in time 30 years. No tech. No food. No chains. No hotels that aren't mom and pop tiny. It's fine to visit but that's about it. go

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The Church Needs More Money!

Pastor Says Jesus Hasn't Returned Because People Haven't Donated Enough Cash Claire Reid

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You Need Everyone's Permission

shanyar @salmanshanyar If your parent approve of your marriage but your grandparents and uncles didn't, would you still get married? Rydz @KingRydz Might as well ask the postman too if I'm taking everyone's opinion

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Thanks, Taylor!

Taylor Swift is concerned about climate change. Fun fact: Her private jet emits more carbon in a single trip than your car in your entire lifetime. That private jet has flown over 200 times in the past year. MALAYSIA SAIRBUS

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Entitled Much?

Gregg Nunziata @greggnunziata Our elementary school recently had to ask parents to stop delivering restaurant meals via grub hub and door dash to the cafeteria. 8:58 AM 4/5/23 155 Views . .

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He's Not Wrong…

Wait so how big are you though?? No I mean like in bed How big are you? Uhh 6'4ish lol Still 6'4??? Just sideways??

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"God Told Him"

BREAKING NEWS: RYA REA $7M MANSION Televangelist Kenneth Copeland, whose net worth is $760 million, pays zero taxes on the 18,000 sqft Texas mansion "God told him" to build, since he declares it a "clergy residence." His fleet of private jets are located at a nearby airport. IS KENNETH COPELAND A FALSE PROPHET? OCCUPY DEMOCRATS FO @RonFilipkowski

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Is "SHE" Wrong?

Quora 1 ใก Open in App 4 2 (0) My 15-year-old son punched his pregnant baby sitter's belly and she punched him back. She now has a miscarriage and my son has a bruise. Is she wrong for this?

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Consequences Of Your Own Actions…

INSIDER A YouTuber was making a prank video in a Virginia mall. He said the prankee took it badly and shot him. Joshua Zitser April 4, 2023, 3:46 am NEED A BOOST? 133 TEMP FRUT 30 The simple way to get the best nework. ve izon 0009

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