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20 Terribly Cursed Comments To Ruin Your Day

Comment sections exist on nearly every social media platform for nearly every photo, video or text post. Comment sections provide the freedom for anyone to comment anything that they're thinking at any time. Sometimes the comments are great and helpful, insightful and nice, and other times they are the exact opposite. Just as seen with cursed images and memes, cursed comments also exist. Cursed comments are comments made that are just upsetting and startling, totally uncalled for and out-of-pocket.

These comments may be offensive, suggest something immoral or illegal may occur, or are just plain shocking. Whatever it may be, they litter comment sections and forums, and add a sense of terror to what could have been a nice scrolling session. Reddit's /r/cursedcomments is filled with screenshots of undesirable comments from all over the web, collected so that we can all share in the trauma. Here are just 20 people who should have reconsidered before pressing send.

Cursed Reality

Beanz27 Final score: 106 points Add a comment... CEO sentenced Ex-mortgage to prison for $3B fraud held mortgage lenders was sentenced Tuesday to more than three years in prison for his role in a $3 billion scheme that officials called one of the biggest corporate frauds in U.S. history. The 40-month sentence for Paul R. Allen, 55, of Oakton, Va., is slightly less than the six-year term sought by federal prosecutors. Homeless man gets 15 years for stealing $100 A homeless man robbed a Louisiana bank and took a $100 bill. After feeling remorseful, he surrendered to police the next day. The judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison. O Report POST Eric Law 11 months ago Screw one person or a few and you're a crook. Screw thousands or millions and you're a "successful businessman. Disc Ma ⒸSpringer 欢迎 in E Sprin Get t About Privac Cookie © 2023

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Cursed German Villain

11:37 Comments Top D Newest Drew Petitties 6mo ago Let's just appreciate that Doofenshmirtz turned into a comical german villain after failing art school. 1.2K h X ⠀

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You Can Guess

SUBS @jerseymikes How do you top your sub? Jersey Jersey Mike's Subs Mikes @jerseymikes SUBS 00 blocked. blocked. blocked. youre all blocked. none of you are free of sin

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그 My father says I look like a goat. Is it true? Okay send us your picture let's compare

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Cursed Fuel Tank

Leonspicy A fuel tank for a motorbike made out of glass.... 116 comments Go go gadget drivable molotov JagerFuchs 2 541 (2 One pebble and you're ghost rider JoselsNotCool 2d subscribe

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r/AskReddit u/slaney0 • 23h Pro-gun Americans, what's the reasoning behind bringing your gun for errands? 9116 jabroni26 22h 11.4k Skwerilleee 21h Share 7 Awards They call the store Target and I'm the weirdo? Reply Award 29.3k 3 Awards This man has probably been banned for life from Kum&Go 12.9k

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You look like an American character in a Japanese game tgal 13

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Oh No

What's something you can say in a dog park but shouldn't say in a children's playground? 3941 2804 Theta_Sigma_1963 • 23h 3 Awards "I had my last one put down" Share Reply 5.1k +

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That Ain't Right

r/teenagers Rant u/Comfortable_Mine_897 17 12h bro my mom was talking to her friend and told her that i had 30 months to live ??? 422 ChewiyMC 12h. Do you? EggNogsRelative 12h. They know something you don't PenguinLord420 11h Objective: Survive AverageDerpYT 8h 1 Award remindme! 30 months DUDE 153 . 17 Comfortable_Mine_897 OP. 8h Share Reply ✓ time is ticking 194 131

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Side Eye

r/AskReddit u/_Boltic_. 4h NSFW People who had sex with their teacher, why? 25 BEST COMMENTS 94 ↑ Share + Join Reply Award chittad 4h Not many options when you're home schooled 243

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Cursed Contacts

UK surgeon finds 27 missing contact lenses in woman's eye 18 Ghost @KillianTrill B tch was seeing in Ultra 4k HD

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Bad Timing

Comments 1.9K Thanos: *Snaps* Every cannibal: 0:05 3K 47 REPLIES MRMBMANGOHEAD • 7 months ago E47 tit x

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days ago (edited) People on meth- "I don't do meth" People on steroids- "I don't do steroids" B86 T Reply 11 replies 7 2 days ago I dont do my nephew B8 D Reply 2 days ago (edited) 5 Reply can I be your nephew?

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r/teenagers u/A_Zesty_Carrot 15h. 18 Night time selfie, how am I looking? Selfie ↑ 136 Laserpro777 - 13h 14 Like your dad 57 : ↑ Share Reply 11 +

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What if, like, and hear me out... nobody invades anybody for like 2 years and we take all the world's military and science budgets and put them into bringing back the Dinosaurs. Yeah? 7:41 AM. 87 Retweets 13 Quote Tweets 1,782 Likes DOF SAI EM Twitter for Android 27 Replying to @ZacksJerryRig And then we USE THEM FOR WAR!!!!!!! 10 2 27 3 Lol, no... wait..... 17 352 go 178

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People who st in school T6223 311 SINGLE COMMENT THREAD People who shower in school Share Miles Youngblood 5h Plays MineCraft and not FortNite ⠀ + Award VIEW ALL My coaches in middle school forced us to shower after Reply ↑ 167 + BlogeOb 3h The worst part was them making you spread after to make sure you cleaned properly.. : 145

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The frozen iguanas are beginning to thaw 12 w I had a gecko in my freezer in Costa Rica one time. I felt bad for him dying there so I put him on the counter on top of a piece of paper towel and next he was gone. Discovered him alive further down the counter!! Thought I was going nuts but then found out that some ppl actually put their pets in the freezer while on vacation so no one has to feed them. Wildlife is strange. Reply 12 w how long can a cold blooded animal live in the freezer? I want to put my wife in there 28.2K 1033 1372

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

.TFW ← 254 7:54 AM rt548. 8h 957 a 96 ... ↑ Share jallegretta 14h My dog once got sick and had diarrhea. It was green and grey and gross. She then turned around and ate it. 15 minutes later it came back up on my couch. That was the worst weekend of my life. Reply 分 135 凸 Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! matepore 9h What a horrible day to have eyes 474 + 446

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Hide Grandma

EVIL GRIN✓devilish ➜TAMAKI 2 days ago i have a thing for white haired girls. Every one of them look godamn pretty 26 Reply. Share > ➜EVIL GRIN✓dewlish ?Rrate✓king/ 2 days ago I need to hide my grandma from you :0 50 Reply • Share >

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Travel Cages

Cursed autism One time I met a small autistic child at the vet and told him I'm autistic too. Then he asked if he could pet the kitten I had with me, and I said yes. When he was done petting her, his mom told him to say thanks, and he thanked the kitten. Rabbit Cohen @BathysphereHat 42 908 views BEST COMMENTS M Did you tell the mom she can bring autistic children to the regular doctor? She doesn't need to bring them to the vet. 2 585 20 1359 Reply 6 COMMENT Share Award FiestaDelos Muertos 1h But the vet is the only type of doctor that doesn't bat an eye when you bring a patient in a travel cage.

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