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20 Times Online Comments Went A Little Too Far

Many people online have particularly twisted senses of humor. Something about human nature means it's much easier to hide behind a social media profile and a keyboard in order to churn out offensive content, knowing no repercussions will ever happen to you in real life. When this anonymity is so common, people feel no regret sharing the worst thoughts that come to mind without any filters standing in their way. And so, they do. The results are both hilarious and a little concerning.

Thanks to the many Redditors who contribute disturbing comment discoveries to /r/cursedcomments (a community devoted to the most cursed comments of all), we've got lots of these memorialized for all to see, even though the users behind them may have disappeared. Sure, they may wind up getting banned from Twitter, but in the long run, these people probably regret nothing. Here are some examples of people who left behind comments that went a little bit too far.

Cursed Sequel

UN: The Holocaust was one of histories darkest moments. America: Agreed UN: So was Hiroshima. made with mematic Post comments 214 @jackbelmont4389. 9 hours ago Don't forget Nagasaki. One of the few sequels that is on par with the original 532 # X E5 :

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Cursed Combination

Austin Evans @austinnotd... 16h : Bing and Edge are being revamped with Al built-in. 53 o Search Bing Edge A Cha 1765 Crest 1,953 175K Mr. Castillo & The Big Steppers @Velocijoey Replying to @austinnotduncan They should just combine the names and call it Edging.

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Cursed Abbreviation

HAAAANK! HANK, DON'T ABBREVIATE COD POINTS! HAAAANK!!! амс Call of Duty: Mobile @PlayCOD... 17h Replying to @Xtormiken You don't like free CP?

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Not sure how they managed to drag the game's Twitter account into this, but…

Cursed Hamsters

888 Pls tell me how ya'll hamsters di3d cuz these di3 from anything Stuy Lewis Mine disappeared for months then came out from behind the fridge missing hair, looked up at me and just died on the spot blue parents left me alone so I let my hamster free in my living room.. WHY DID HE RUN STRAIGHT INTO THE FIREPLACE.. I watched titanic to feel better They/Them He farted and gave himself like a heart attack- idk

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Hamsters always die in very traumatic ways. They're really not great pets to buy for little kids.

Cursed Fiction

12:30 ← r/196 In Monsters Inc (2001), the wealthy CEO of Monsters Inc is held accountable for his actions. This is to remind the audience that the movie is a work of fiction. 00112 2773 e er 7h 5h Gold van unlocked! 13 ⠀ Sid "I'll kidnap a thousand children before I let this company die!" 4G ▾LTE Share Reply TOYS 3 + 132

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Cursed Donut

← 4G 4G 7.7 OXI SAV K/S r/shittyfoodp... 4391 You sure it's not a turd? 1 Half eaten blueberry donut next to a gas station urinal. 169 Add a comment a +2 17h POP • 17h S ✩ 4 Awards It didn't taste like a turd 73% id Share 12:41 9 + Reply 41.1k 2.4k GIF

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Good to know this guy's committed to proving it's a donut.

Cursed Bishop

10:18 + Mark O'Connell @rfkram I can move diagonally on this floor. You and 1.3K others 44 Comments 418 Shares Haha Comment Share Jason Gardner I hope the kids stay on black squares

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Cursed Family

write "i love my family but" and let your keyboard finish it ↑ 158 564 alvaro_herzog 3h I love my family but it had to end ⠀ Share Reply Bentley Bro 0 ups, 2h, 1 reply I love my family, but I was really hungry 87 flag delete reply

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Just some wholesome family time. Nothing to see here.

Cursed Judgement

34 22. Officer Judy Hopps (Zootopia 2016) *TO SCALE - Breast Volume: 17.16in³ - Breast Surface Area: 16.1in² kira ~ @Sadcrib 11 13 105 257 93 3,666 1 how do you even explain this to god on the judgement day www

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Cursed Sneaker


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Cursed Log

Clash Royale ✔ @Clash Royale 1d - Poor Larry getting smashed by the Log 166 134 5,607 - 1d Replying to @Clash Royale I'd smash Larry with my log too 15 18 677 8 Clash Royale Replying to @S there is still time to delete this 134 763 @Clash Royale. 1d ...

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Cursed Depression

r/AskReddit u/-life_sucks- • 32m What is the best way to overcome depression? 73 views 會 2 20 Meme-ic 7m Love it, so it leaves you as well Reply Share Vote

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Cursed Campus Parking

r/mildlyinfuriating u/SnodOfficial 3h. How people at my college park 17.3k 2850 TgeAmazingOppo +13h FX4 OFF ROAD Share + S 3 Awards What if we touched truck nuts in the college parking lot? 44

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Let me guess, Florida?

Cursed Dad Joke

r/AskReddit u/Chance_in_Pants 20h. What is a movie that has aged poorly? 4 11.6k ↓ 11.4k liggamadig 6h Share + Award MemeGuyOnReddit 12h The 1990s (I think) Muppets movie where someone shows Kermit what the world would be like if Kermit was never born. I think it fast forwards to NYC 2002 and in the movie, the Twin Towers were still standing, so canonically Kermit being born somehow caused 9/11 Reply 6.5k 7 Awards Without him, they couldn't kermit terrorism. : 4.1k

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Cursed Wheelchair

Cutting Peoples Earphones, Then Giving Them Airpods 32M views 1.2M 33K That WasEpic 3.2M subscribers Share The Meme Turtle 13 hours ago . Download =+ Save SUBSCRIBED "Cutting off their legs, Then buying them a wheelchair"

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Cursed Height

im 5'7 but that's 11'7 over your dad if that helps Adrianna + Men under 5"11 shouldn't exist 5:40 PM - 8/12/20 - Twitter for iPhone 2 Retweets and comments 24 Likes Adrianna+ Rip dad 1971-2019 F Joined June 2020 176 Following 34 Followers Not followed by anyone you're following Tweets Tweets & replies Media Follow Lik

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Cursed Battle

Brenda everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. be kind 1 Retweet 6 Likes 27 @zandirt on ig @cloutgems -2m Replying to @ i once saw you punch a girl scout because she didn't have any thin mints 27 Brenda Replying to @cloutgems exactly. that was my battle. so be kind

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Cursed Bambi

What's a hard pill to swallow that you want to tell your significant other but would never dare to? 3.8k BEST COMMENTS ✓ 2.5k Share Your mom is the most annoying woman I have met in my life.... Putting this as nicely as possible Reply 6h 3.9k S 39 Awards My wife's nickname from me is Bambi. She thinks it's because of her big brown eyes, but it's really because I want to shoot her mom. 6.0k

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Cursed Baby Harassment

extra chromosome, extra love! 7m Reply littlekentuckyfamily. Creator She doesn't have down syndrome. 3m Reply S pumpkinpatchbaby21 littlekentucky... we aren't sure. 2m Reply littlekentuckyfamily pumpkinpatch... What do you mean we? I'm her mom and I'm telling you she doesn't have Down syndrome. 2m Reply s pumpkinpatchbaby21 littlekentucky... i don't believe you. Stop harsssing this baby

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Cursed Response

Boss texts on your day off? 3 2 Leave them unread. TOPTEXTSSTOPWRECKS.ORG ENHTSA Love You and 1.5K others Most Relevant Top Fan CLEAR CHANNEL Comment 056180 Share One of my union brothers replies with a dk pic if management texts him off the clock.

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