What are programming socks? The meme explained

What Are Programming Socks? The Meme Explained

Have you ever stumbled across a meme about someone putting on a pair of thigh-high socks as they get ready to start a hack-a-thon? Or perhaps you've seen a pair of pink-striped long socks listed as programming socks on Amazon. Here's all you need to know about what trans rights and your local computer programmer have in common.

How Did 'Programming Socks' Become A Meme?

Sometime after the year 2016, a series of screenshots from Amazon began to circulate on 4chan's [s4s] board. The images showed an Amazon product page featuring a pair of long, striped, pink-and-white socks, with the product description calling the item "Pink striped programming socks."

The image was innocuous on its own until people realized that it referenced the actual real-world phenomenon of programmers wearing knee-high socks, many of whom happened to be trans or non-binary.

A higher-order Aurora @rawrafox So.. anyone that's new to programming, what most programmers don't tell you is that this is an equipment sport. No tutorial or book will help you as much as the right socks. Start out with a pair of pink striped programming socks and work your way up from there. ZANZEA Pink striped programming socks 207 customer revlews 10 answered questions Price $47.6 Sale $8.99& FREE Shipping on onders ever S49 FREE Retums Details You Save $8.99 (50%s) Fit As expected (70%) Size: US Medum Sue Chart Color Pink Thick In Stock Went it Wednesday, Dec. 28? Order withNin 30 hrs 40 mins and choose Two-Day Shipping at checkout Details Seld by Aosh and Fulfiled by Amazon Gitwap availabie Material Cotton Polyester .Color Pink Thick Black Thick, Blue Thick, Light Purple. Light Blue, Black Blue, Black Red Black Purple Black Yellow Yellow Green Dark Blue Size Medium (High 47cm(18 5) Length S9cm23 2)) Package inclade 1 pair of secks NOTICE Our tag sizes ae ASIAN SIZE. Please check your size with our S1ZE CHART belore you by t Size may be 2cm/1 inch inaccuracy DUE TO HAND MEASURE Color may be itle diterent de to moniter Thank you for your understanding Customers who viewed this item also bought J Roll over image to z0om in Teleindye s8.95-5895 An-Nao 2ande Als $10 20-$12 95 s8.99 s8 99-$19 99 6:15 PM May 6, 2018 Twitter Web Client

The matter wasn't helped by Amazon search results eventually delivering thigh-high striped socks as the result for the query "programming socks." The meme became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How Are 'Programming Socks' Used In Memes?

Pastel-colored striped socks, being non-binary or trans, and being a computer programmer are themes that often converge in programming sock memes. Popular early variants of the meme also used edited manga panels to comment on how many trans and non-binary people are programmers and hackers.

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For the full history of programming socks, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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