Boykisser meme explained

What Does 'Boykisser' Mean And Who's Sending You These Memes About Liking Boys? The GIF Caption Explained

The average Discord user has been called a "boykisser" once or twice, specifically because of a meme that says, ""Oooooo you like boys ur a boykisser": This animated cat cartoon hypnotizes you in the GIF caption, singling you out for liking boys and wanting to kiss them.

The slang term "boykisser" has a pretty obvious definition but the origin of its meme is more complicated than it seems. It started on Twitter, went to Reddit and then eventually (as usual) landed on TikTok.

Curious about this meme's origin and why your friends keep sending it to you? Let's explain.

oooooo you like boys ur a boykisser 10. di 7 6²

What Does 'Boykisser' Mean?

The definition of "boykisser" is basically what you think it means: someone who likes kissing boys. It's used mostly by LGBTQ+ meme people as a way to both make fun of and support their friends who like kissing men.

Where Did The 'Oooooo You Like Boys Ur A Boykisser' Meme Come From?

On June 22nd, 2022, an artist on Twitter named @Mauzymice shared a GIF of an original character talking to (and hypnotizing) the viewer. Some very much enjoyed it, sharing it to other places like Reddit and adding a top caption to it.

.0 0. 7 6 p this is how u look saying this shit M

Sometime in early 2023, a currently unknown meme creator added the notorious "boykisser" top caption to @Mauzymice's GIF, creating something that would soon be shared on Discord. Thereafter, many of the artist's GIFs became memes, used similarly to other trends like the Homophobic Dog and "I know what you are". In all honestly, the most common place where the memes surfaced was on Reddit's furry subreddit /r/furry_irl.

You like kissing girls don't you L i know what you are r OOOO YOU ALL NOW LIKE KISSING BOYS OOOO000 YA'LL R BOYKISSERS OOO 10.

For the full history of "Oooooo you like boys ur a boykisser," be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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