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What Does 'Bubblegum Pink' Mean On TikTok? 'I Know It's Pink' Comments Explained

The comments section of any given person on TikTok, especially if they are a pretty young woman, is riddled with variations on the phrase; I know it's pink, "I bet it's bubblegum pink," I know it's grippy, It's definitely #FF94A4. For the unassuming older adult, not jaded by an adolescence spent chronically online, these comments may be as cryptic and insignificant as any popular slang wielded by 15-year-olds online.

But even they would be shocked to learn the real meaning of a phrase as ubiquitous on TikTok as teens are themselves; casual teen sexual harassment. There are scores of kids, oftentimes boys, speculating about the exact color hex codes of their fellow TikTokers' genitals. For the unacquainted, here's what "bubblegum pink" comments on TikTok mean.

What Does 'It's Pink' Mean On TikTok

"I bet it's pink," "It's definitely bubblegum pink" and "I know it's #FF94A4," are all phrases meant to refer to the possible color of a person's genitals. It's an overtly sexual comment, with the connotation being that a pink vagina is an attractive or desirable one. To say that someone's vagina must be pink is thus delivered by some as a twisted compliment, where the receiver is supposed to feel flattered by the notion that people assume their genitals are pink.

cold @coldhealing it's extremely common for the comments of a girl's tiktok to be spammed with variants of "i bet it's pink" referring to her p*ssy. genuinely insane behavior, i don't even think prime 4chan would would have done that and this is 16 year old males on real name accounts kira* @kiracantmizz. Jan 11 this is sick work 2495 36 80 8:34 AM - Jan 13, 2023 202.6K Views coolassusername it's definitely #FF94A4 3m Reply All Images 52 Retweets 49 Quote Tweets 1,953 Likes 36 comments gbbell05 Nah this crazy 1m Reply Color picker Videos Shopping ⠀ News Maps B Boo yasmin @ycsmin what is wrong with you people bubblegum pink A man commented bubblegum pink" on a video of my niece. She was like 8 months in it. 5:08 AM. Jan 29, 2023 4.8M Views 4,362 Retweets 986 Quote Tweets 129.9K Likes POR : 405.6K

Where Did 'I Know It's Pink' Comments Originate?

While it is hard to pinpoint the exact date when scores of teenage boys decided to pass judgment on what someone else's vagina could look like, the earliest viral instances of women responding to such comments date back to as early as March 2021. Many women responding to such comments appear to be as young as middle school aged, and invariably brush off the comments as compliments in bad taste.


literally like huh wtf like it’s getting out of hand yall

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What Do Girls On TikTok Think About 'It's Pink' Comments?

The responses to the "It's pink" genre of comments are split, with some women wholeheartedly embracing the characterization, likely due to the idea that pink genitals are generally considered attractive. Moreover, the ubiquity of such comments seems to have normalized them in some online circles. Some girls on TikTok can even be seen responding to the comments by miming along to an infantile sound that says, "How do you know? How do you know?"

@im.cool.19 Reply to @biggzo9 ♬ Ice On My Baby – legend .

@soogiebear Replying to @d_0n1y_1 ♬ original sound – FOLLOW ME NOW

Other women are made more uncomfortable by sexually charged "compliments," with one TikToker noting that such comments seem to imply that men are only attracted to children and white women. In fact, many TikTokers have documented the practice of young men on the app making "horny edits" and commenting "pink" on videos posted by very, very young girls. This practice is often brushed off as a "joke."

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@brodenrulez “I bet it’s bubblegum pink” -🤓 #fyp #foryou #zyxcba #fypシ #ichigohollowscream ♬ original sound – BrodenWasHerre😵‍💫

What Does 'It's Grippy' / 'Chicago Grip Reaper' Mean?

"It's pink" and color hex codes aren't the only ways in which people are describing women's genitals in the name of "compliments" online. Other phrases that are often used refer to the "grip" of a person's vagina, with the implication being that a tight or "grippy" vagina is an attractive one. An unfortunate victim of "grippy" comments is Chloe Woodward, formerly known as Vine star ChloeLMAO. After a video of her being "quirky" went viral on TikTok, many men began to refer to Chloe as the "Chicago Grip Reaper.

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For the complete history of "I know it's pink" / teen sexual harassment, be sure to check out our entry on the phenomenon here for even more information.

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