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What Does 'Down Bad' Mean, And How Can You Use The Slang Phrase Correctly? Being Down Bad Explained

Down bad is a widely used and internet-approved euphemism for being lonely and desperate for intimacy that has been in the making for over 10 years. The term has trickled downstream from popular rap to memes about being thirsty and had sprung various terms like "down atrocious" or "down abominable." Here's a history of the phrase and how you can use it correctly.


Where Does The Phrase 'Down Bad' Come From?

While the phrase "down bad" can be traced to tweets as far back as 2009, the first popular use of the phrase came in the form of rap music. In 2012, rappers Young Scooter and Lil B made widely popular songs using the words.

A notable early use of the phrase came in the form of a viral tweet by rapper Kash Doll, who accused another person of being "down bad" or desperate for intimate attention.

3:14 @kashdoll You proud to be this n ga c m rag? He you down bad and you crazy This Tweet is unavailable. 12:11 PM - May 8, 2017 14.5K Retweets 572 Quote Tweets 12.5K Likes

How Is The Phrase 'Down Bad' Used In Memes?

Use of the phrase "down bad" is not exclusive to jokes and jabs towards desperate people, sometimes the phrase is used to denote general failure or a feeling of despair. In a tweet made in 2019, someone applauds McDonald's for being there when he was "down bad."

Champagne Sloshy @JoshyBeSloshy Ill never switch up on you Mcchicken. 100 I remember when i was down bad and all i had was 1.07 in my pocket & you were always there !! F CK POPEYES 11:37 AM - Aug 22, 2019 ... 28.7K Retweets 3,672 Quote Tweets 108.8K Likes @Miista45 Amazon down bad Fit Type: Men THERE ARE MORE THAN TWO GENDERS ● O 5:21 PM Dec 27, 2019 > ECLIPS.COM 12.7K Retweets 1,004 Quote Tweets 42.2K Likes :

What Are Some Variations Of The Phrase 'Down Bad'?

Some ways in which internet users alter the phrase to exaggerate the term is to replace the word "bad" with its synonyms. Some popular "down bad" alternatives include down atrocious, down abominable, down terrible, and down horrendous.

Seb (Follow me thanks) @MemesMeccha Down terrible PO Hey my dad just passed away from Covid last night. I'm really freaking out right now and I can't stop crying. I know this might sound crazy but could you send me a pic of your bobs? I swear i won't show anybody I just need something to distract me from the pain We bury him on Tuesday 11:01 AM You accepted the request 3:18 PM Oct 23, 2021 4,353 Retweets 549 Quote Tweets 67.5K Likes : 3 mack loves kiti @wolftrapva down HORRENDOUS I messaged you first!! 6:56 PM. Aug 15, 2022 like talking to you Also I'm so booooored I have this geography project to do 529 Retweets 192 Quote Tweets 10.1K Likes :

How Do You Use 'Down Bad' In A Sentence?

  • "Ever since I got fired from my job and my wife left me, I have been so down bad."
  • "I was so down bad last weekend that I hooked up with a band geek."
  • "Did you see that Tim messaged Becca again? He is down atrocious."

For the full history of down bad, be sure to check out our entry on the slang term here for even more information.

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