A monkey with a snowball, the text reads F*** it we ball

What Does 'F*** It We Ball' Mean?

What do you say when the catastrophes of this world weigh too heavily on your shoulders, when you fear that you may not have the strength to carry on, when all you want to do is to give up and go home?

Some online think the right thing to say is "F*** it we ball" and carry on.

Where Did 'F*** It We Ball' Come From?

The answer to this question is Young Thug. The rapper coined the phrase in 2015 in a since-immortal tweet. It later featured in a song he did with Meek Mill. For Young Thug, it seems like the phrase is something between a prayer and a challenge, calling on people to confront their fears and honor those who have come before with their example of endurance and grit.

But Young Thug @youngthug it we ball!!! 5:25 PM Nov 10, 2015 Twitter for iPhone .

How Do People Use 'F*** It We Ball?'

People have often used the phrase in the original sense of Young Thug's lyrics: it means to carry on despite a hard circumstance. To brush aside the critics and difficulties, to ball regardless of what is going on around you.

But some posters also seem to use it ironically, joking about their lack of coping mechanisms. Most frequently, the phrase seems to be used in relation to mental illness and other problems: to say "F*** it we ball" is sometimes a way of not dealing with things, or stubbornly doing it on your own when maybe you should reach out for help. This usage started to become more popular around 2018, when it became a catchphrase on Twitter.

alex @mineifiwildout pretty sure i have a mental illness or personality disorder but it we ball 12:38 AM Jul 31, 2018 Twitter for iPhone . ...

What Does 'F*** It We Ball' Mean?

The phrase is a mantra of grace under pressure. Like "Keep calm and carry on," it is also a viral slogan of online solidarity. We're all in this together, doing our best to ball. Since 2018, the phrase has continued to be in circulation, frequently on Twitter and Tumblr.

justin @farrington antidepressants: - not natural - weird side effects - become reliant it we ball: saying - can say it in any situation - sounds cool - makes you feel better every time 12:54 PM. Jan 31, 2020. Twitter for iPhone

Why Do People Say 'F*** It We Ball?'

People say it because, at a certain point, it's all you can say. It's true, and you can trust it.

WEAK AURA I am at peace and in charge of my own destiny STRONG AURA it, we ball it, we ball it, we ball it, we ball

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