The true "flicker goon" stare meme.

What Does 'Flicker Goon' And 'Flickergooning' Mean? The TikTok Slang Confusing Everyone Explained

A viral post on Twitter / X has unearthed a new brain rot slang term sweeping TikTok called "flickergooning," also known as "flicker goon."

The term "gooning" makes up half of this cursed phrase. The more chronically online of us are all too familiar with its meaning. If you thought that the internet would drop his lewd, looksmaxxing slang terms further into 2024, we're sorry to say, but you've been proven wrong.

So, what does "flickergooing" mean? What does it mean to "flicker goon" and do you really want to know? Let's explain.

What Does 'Gooning' Mean?

To understand what "flickergooing" means, one must first know what "gooning" means.

The definition of the explicit slang term "gooning" is pleasuring oneself for prolonged periods of time without climaxing (a process known as "edging") in order to achieve "the goon," a so-called sensation of full mental numbness and dissociation from anything unrelated to the process. Typically, gooning is done while staring at multiple screens at once, all of them displaying various erotic imagery and films.

Yikes. We know. It's a weird term and hobby. But that's part of the reason why it's become such a meme. The idea of seriously gooning is prone to satire because it's so absurd. There are real gooners out there though. (Scary!)

en it's career day and yo dad walk in with his goon cave setup @thehellokittyhottie

What Does 'Flickergooning' Or 'Flicker Goon' Mean?

"Flickergooning" is a variation of gooning that seemingly derives from boxing and exercise terms. Alternatively, "flicker" indicates an advanced video game technique commonly referred to as "tech" or "teching" in gaming circles.

Therefore, flickergooning is some advanced technique that only expert gooners know. If done right, one flicker goon sesh could have you done in mere seconds rather than hours.

Amygdala @BiggerBoss94 flickergooning is basically gooning after a 7 day edging streak( or more depending on what level gooner you are). its called flickergooning because when you finally coom your eyes start flickering from the extreme pleasure Society is fine, right boys? The West is... Flourishing, correct? Billions must... Live! Isn't that right? 11:31 AM ⚫ May 22, 2024 374.4K Views

Where Does 'Flicker Goon' Come From?

The term was coined by TikToker @bestsparring earlier this week. They posted a photo slideshow that flirted with sigma and phonk aesthetics, attesting that if one could flicker goon for seven seconds, they were stronger than someone who could regular goon for eight hours.

I can Goon for 8 hours straight Ican Flicker goon for 7 seconds

For the full history of "flicker goon," be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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