TikTok Photo Slideshows / Photo Mode

TikTok Photo Slideshows / Photo Mode

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TikTok Photo Slideshows, officially known as TikTok Photo Mode is a feature on the social media platform TikTok, where people can compile a series of images, choose a background sound or song, and post the photos in a carousel slideshow format. The feature was first silently rolled out in early 2020, removed temporarily over the summer of 2022, and officially reintroduced in October 2022. The feature is popularly used in order to share memes and personal photographs.


The earliest known video tutorials for the TikTok Photo Slideshow feature were posted in May 2020.[1] [2] These videos indicate a different layout for the feature than the existing "Photo Mode" feature introduced in October 2022.

On October 6th, 2022, TikTok Newsroom published an article titled "Inspiring creativity with our new editing tools," and discussed various new tools for video editing as well as its new "Photo Mode" feature. The feature is described as a "carousel post" format with "still images that automatically display one after another." The photos can be displayed with background music, and users can pause or swipe through the images at their own pace.[3]

9:41 LIVE Following For You wildthangzzz. 3-11 Beach days with my furry friend are the best days. Here are some of ... See more ♫Ultra Instinct - adamdevito Home 8 Friends + B Inbox 99.1K ... 3456 1256 O( 8 Me


The silent introduction and temporary removal of the feature led to some discussions on the app from people that noted the features' predominant use for sharing memes. One such video was uploaded by TikToker[4] @cobbleknown in a post that gathered over 80,000 plays and 6,000 likes in over two months (seen below).


TikTokers also discussed the notable difference in Slideshow meme trends before the feature's temporary removal, noting that depressing "Real RX" meme slideshows were usurped by the more wholesome Indomitable Human Spirit slideshows in August 2022. TikToker[5] @schlumey posted a video regarding the topic on August 30th, 2022, gathering over 200,000 plays and 40,000 likes in over two months (seen below).


Jamal Did It/ Who Stole X?

Jamal Did It, also known as Jamal Is Innocent, is a part of the Who Stole X? TikTok photo slideshow trend in which creators pose a racially identifiable crime that's been committed resulting in a culprit singled out by their race. A young Black boy named Jamal became the most known "culprit" who was humorously framed for various crimes that he obviously didn't commit, with many of the memes picturing actor Abraham Clinkscales. The trend primarily used the song "You Gotta Move" by Mississippi Fred McDowell. After spreading on the platform, the trend has notably been criticized for being perceived as racist and emphasizing stereotypes.

Who destroyed NordStream 1&2 ? + 125.6K 3291 Botin 2/5 + 125.6K 3291 Jow Bidden and the CIA 3/5 + 125.6K 3291 ng A Mark Forster 4/5 + 125.6K 3291 5/5 DER UNT Jamal 125.6K 3291

who ate my pierogi ? J@zuzanna.k07 john Jezuzanna R07 my a a a a alamy katie a alamy ala alamy J@zuzanna.k07 Linda J@zuzanna.k07 IN P Stan Stanisław Krzysztof gettyimages K EP Wojciechowski@zuzanna.k07 D

Violent Crimes (TikTok Photo Slideshow Trend)

Violent Crimes refers to a TikTok photo slideshows trend where people use lyrics from Kanye West's song "Violent Crimes" to create funny stories with wholesome pictures (particularly pictures of monkeys) about people's normal life activities. The trend began in September 2022, with mostly boyfriend/girlfriend stories being posted and later expanding to other types of content, such as school life or preparing to go to work.


Yes Or No (TikTok Photo Slideshow Trend)

Yes or No? TikTok Photo Slideshow Trend refers to a TikTok trend in which creators use the app's "Photo Swipe" feature, also known as the slideshow feature, to pose a questionable scenario to the viewer that satirically ends in violence (a car crash, a school shooting, arson, etc.), finishing the slideshow with a stock photo or clipart person who asks "Yes or No?" in red and green. The trend started in September 2022, predominantly using a Nicki Minaj sound and a Pop Smoke sound.

ME J@d.blas_ YOU J@d.blas_ Jodblas Yes No J@d.blas

Human Beings In A Mob

Human Beings in a Mob, also known as What's A God To A Non-Believer, refers to a TikTok Photo Slideshows trend where people use lyrics from Kanye West and Jay-Z's song "No Church In The Wild" to rank characters or people from "human beings in a mob" to "non-believers." The trend began with anime and young adult fiction fan edit videos in June 2021 and continued into September 2022 when it began to be used to make parody character rankings using TikTok's "Photos" slideshow feature.

human beings in a mob z @_msass 10 what a mob to a king? ✔@___msass 149HE! AH AHLI Disney what's a king to a god? Je msass theas and PERB

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