A poster for rawe ceek (race week).

What Does 'Rawe Ceek' Mean And Where Does It Come From? The Failed Graphic Design Attempt And Meme Explained

If you've heard of the classic predecessor Don't Dead Open Inside or you're simply a big fan of Formula 1 racing, the bizarre word combo "Rawe Ceek" may sound familiar to you.

However, if you've been left scratching your head after reading these perplexing words in some far corner of the web and wondered what they meant, we've got an answer for you. Here's our inside scoop on the sense behind the nonsense and all things Rawe Ceek.

RITI SH G P RAWE CA *essereFerrari

Where Did Rawe Ceek Come From?

Before we get too far along, let's begin by journeying back to where this whole clusterf*** of seemingly random words first originated.

In July 2020, Ferrari posted a promotional image for the British Grand Prix race on Twitter. It seemed like the image had "Race Week" written on it, but for many people online, it was hard to read these words at a first glance — similar to earlier examples like Sasa Lele, Le Tits Now and I Am A Free I Am Not Man A Number.


Redditors first picked up on the image after it appeared in the tweet, joking about how the label might be read as "Rawe Ceek" and quickly referenced it in memes all around the platform.


From there, Rawe Ceek picked up steam as an oddly nice-sounding nonsense phrase. It arguably fits into the surreal memes tradition or the pattern of people getting fixated on some specific phrase (Quandale Dingle much?).

Rawe Ceek posting continued throughout that summer and into 2021, even still appearing or being referenced to this day.

What Does 'Rawe Ceek' Mean?

"Rawe Ceek" can mean anything you want it to mean. One thing that's sure about Rawe Ceek is that it's an urgent matter — it's coming, as the advertisement says. Will you be ready?

Her: honey, where are you going? Me: it's RAWE CEEK ASTON FORMULA O MA BOMBARD RVEN HACKEN Netugo LONDO ASTON MARTIN Cognizant v ET

Why Do People Post Rawe Ceek?

Many memes circle around the theme of deliberately misunderstanding something. In this case, the "turning-around" of a message from an authoritative source (like Ferrari) might be seen as sort of a punk rock gesture. It's defiantly saying "no" to an authority.

Rawe Ceek purposefully mangles an advertisement into nonsense and then insists on continuing to read "Rawe Ceek" instead of what the advertisement really wants to say … even past the initial point of genuine confusion.

There's also just something plain goofy and humorous about the way "rawe ceek" sounds, so naturally, something like this will get memed.

And it is the Italian rawe ceek again RAWE CEK

To learn more about Rawe Ceek, check out our entry here. If you want to find out about race week, however, well we really can't help you with that.

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