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What Does 'Safe Edgy' Mean, And Why Are Jokes About British People Getting People Upset?

The hour of reckoning for years of memes mocking the British and the French and those who post them is nigh, it appears, as the term "safe edgy" has been surfacing more and more. What exactly does "safe edgy" means and what (and who) falls under the category? Learn all this in our brief explainer.

What Is ‘Safe Edgy?'

"Safe edgy" is an internet slang term used to describe humor, especially ethnic jokes, that would be considered edgy and offensive were it directed at another group rather than its original target. The term is used to describe jokes about British and French people, among other things, and is used as a part of memes criticizing these types of jokes and mocking those who make and enjoy them.

For example, jokes making fun of British people's accent and dental hygiene, or about French people being intolerable and disliked, all fall within the category.

Americans: British people: "imagine not having free healthcare" youre probably french

Another meaning of the term is seemingly "edgy" memes content that fails to translate any strong opinions that would likely offend and alienate the audience on any side of political spectrum.

Where Does ‘Safe Edgy’ Come From?

The term "safe edgy" first appeared in a starter pack meme posted by an iFunny user on September 10th, 2022, which was later also reposted on Reddit and Twitter (you can find the censored version of it below).

As the meme was spread on Twitter and other sites, the term stuck, and has since been used to call out "safe edgy" memes and those who post them.

What Classifies As 'Safe Edgy?'

Memes that fall under the "safe edgy" category are primarily those that would be considered offensive should they have a different target: for example, Jewish or Black people instead of the French.

All-in-all, the debate over "safe edgy" memes indicates that there are socially appropriate targets for ethnic jokes, and those that are inappropriate, and some people are upset about this for various reasons. Some say that 'safe edgy' jokes are in bad taste because they target groups that are not generally considered vulnerable, and that society is letting this slide because of that.

And another group just thinks that "safe edgy" jokes are simply unfunny, milquetoast and overused.

SGV @shyguysvault This "safe edgy" kind of humor is quite possibly the unfunniest thing ever @ShitpostGate. Jan 17 ShitpostGateway Requisitos para ser meu amigo 1:29 PM Jan 17, 2023 20.4K Views 30 KI

Who Are 'Safe Edgy' YouTubers and Streamers?

YouTubers Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker, Cr1TiKaL and Ethan Klein have all been labeled "safe edgy" in memes over the type of content they produce.

"...It's all fine now." @RespectElves Safe edgy youtuber amongus with aoc manlet dumb voice twitch suckup front page of reddit no real opinions fence sitter duck @ExtremeBlitz__. Mar 13 this man has never had a bad take DICAS HU BE NEW K 08 GFUEL 1000 9:55 AM. Mar 15, 2023 11.6K Views Anty Powet ful sce ENIC DSLAP SLAP

For the full history of safe edgy, be sure to check out our entry on the term for more information.

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