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Safe Edgy is a slang term used to describe humor, especially ethnic jokes, that would be considered edgy and offensive if it was directed at another group. The term is used to describe jokes about British and French people, among other things, and is used as a part of memes criticizing such types of jokes and mocking those who make and enjoy them. Influencers and content creators like Hasan Piker and Cr1TiKaL have both been labeled "safe edgy."


In 2019, jokes making fun of British people, over their accent and their supposed dental issues among other things, started gaining popularity, with the trend becoming viral in 2020. The trend developed further with jokes about other white ethnicities and countries with predominantly white populations, most notably France, such as the meme about French people being unbearable (examples shown below).

Americans: British people: "imagine not having free healthcare" FRENCH TOAST FRENCH PEOPLE youre probably french

On September 10th, 2022, iFunny[1] user slimypoopblast posted a starter pack meme titled "Safe Edgy Starter Pack" that made fun of a type of person who makes ethnic jokes about the French, English and Italians but gets angry when such jokes are made about non-white ethnicities, who watches streamers and YouTubers h3h3, Hasan Piker and Cr1tiKaL, and likes Rick and Morty and Borat. The post (shown below) gained over 1,000 smiles on iFunny in eight months.

"Republicans are the REAL snowflakes" "Safe edgy" starter pack *ethnic jokes about Italians, the French, the English* will shit pants over ethnic jokes about precious brown ppl BE GA DO CRIME Kyle @KylePlantEmoji "Fuck Jeff Bezos" penguinz0 11.3M subscribers - 4K videos SUBSCRIBE BEEF STOSTER Thought Dave Chapelle and JK Rowling were Jesus four years ago au Rick and Mont "anti-Zionist, not anti-semitic" (loves Borat though)


On September 11th, 2022, Redditor countersignals reposted the meme to the /r/starterpacks subreddit,[2] where it gained over 260 upvotes in eight months. On September 15th, streamer Hasan Piker tweeted[3] the image, with the post gaining over 120 retweets and 2,600 likes in the same period.

On September 20th, Twitter[4] user @LeaMaric posted a screenshot of a Reddit post in which a person wears a face mask at a Satanic Temple, writing, "“Safe-edgy” is by far the most cringe trend among aging millennials." The post (shown below) gained over 900 retweets and 12,200 likes in eight months.

excit @LeaMaric "Safe-edgy" is by far the most cringe trend among aging millennials. Had a blast at The Satanic Temple today, blessed be and hail thyself Selfie Sorcery 3d Witch, 50, Embracing being a Crone. Hail Thyself! I did not know they let you snuggle up to Baphomet for selfies! hi OP. 3d 5:33 AM - Sep 20, 2022 Reply 17 Yup! When you go up to the front door you ring a doorbell and wait for someone to come outside to check vaccination cards and give masks if you need one, then he lets you in and goes over the rules. Sitting on Baphomet and the furniture is something that's allowed and even encouraged! 4 14 ↓

The term saw more exposure online in January 2023, when several users on Twitter[5][6] called out meme account @ShotpostGate over reposting "safe edgy" memes (posts shown below).

literally Vergil @vergilswarrior fau "Republicans are the REAL snowflakes" "Safe edgy" starter pack *ethnic jokes about Italians, the French, the English* will shit pants over ethnic jokes about precious brown ppl BE GA DO CRIME Kyle @KylePlantEmoji 8 "Fuck Jeff Bezos" penguinz0 11.3M subscribers 4K videos SUBSCRIBE 8:21 AM - Jan 17, 2023 650.4K Views Thought Dave Chapelle and JK Rowling were Jesus four years ago ShitpostGateway @ShitpostGate - Jan 17 al Rick and Morty "anti-Zionist, not (loves Borat anti-semitic" though) Requisitos para ser meu amigo KI SGV @shyguysvault This "safe edgy" kind of humor is quite possibly the unfunniest thing ever @ShitpostGate. Jan 17 ShitpostGateway Requisitos para ser meu amigo 1:29 PM Jan 17, 2023 20.4K Views 30 KI

More posts calling out people over posting "safe edgy" memes went viral in the following months. For example, on March 7th, 2023, Twitter[7] user @AccurateThinger quote tweeted a meme about "frenchphobia," with the post gaining over 970 retweets and 11,400 likes in one month (shown below).

Accurate @Accurate Thinger "Safe edgy" memes against British and French people are the most loser and gay shit imaginable Fitz de Dragon @Fitzthedragon. Mar 5 Show this thread (3) Lately, there's been a spike of frenchphobia in the United States. But be careful who you antagonize. While some french are out of the closet... 7:52 PM. Mar 7, 2023 472.2K Views Oui Oui Baguette Eiffel tower ..not everyone is so lucky.

The term continued to gain popularity online in the following months.

Various Examples

"I'm safe edgy and I think of myself as an intellectual and rebel" starter pack Kaguya's Top Gal @hayasaka_aryan My generation is going to be known for wanting to die and memes. I am begging men to go to therapy dult swim] blond SSRIS HARD Times Imagine being so mad you make this 1 don't know what any of these things are "This is a bunch of unrelated stuff etc ● CAGNOSTIC AND SUSICAL MENTAL DISORDERS DSM-5 A choppy Boi akidadidin side dick is new toode the po 300 ME 12:43 PM 4/22/23 41.8K Views LA R EAT THE RICH Fanged Noumena JESUS IS THE ONE JESUS IS THE ONE OT DEPRESSION GUADE CHAPO CREVILLE SENIORS CETXERT SANDALE T SAL INSIDE MARK FISHER CAPITALIS REALISM THAT'S A TESON A.C.A.B. YEAR C JUUREFL 100 44 doot loot "...It's all fine now." @RespectElves Safe edgy youtuber amongus with aoc manlet dumb voice twitch suckup front page of reddit no real opinions fence sitter duck @ExtremeBlitz__. Mar 13 this man has never had a bad take DICAS HU BE NEW K 08 GFUEL 1000 9:55 AM. Mar 15, 2023 11.6K Views Anty Powet ful sce ENIC DSLAP SLAP Haru47 Mark I|5-40E @Haru47Numero2 The "safe edgy "mfrs when @khyleri actually uses dark humor 6:21 AM Jan 28, 2023 92.6K Views
+Zigster+ @Ziggydank I absolutely detest this "safe edgy" humour ShitpostGateway @ShitpostGate . Jan 27 MOM 2/8 4:27 PM Jan 28, 2023 267K Views : I HAD A NIGHTMARE WHERE FRENCH PEOPLE DESERVED RESPECT The Vinluv Anton Handesbukia EnjoyerTsar Ñüçħ @SVinluv They forgot the eternal "dead baby jokes" and "I hate children" "Republicans are the REAL snowflakes" "Safe edgy" starter pack *ethnic jokes about Italians, the French, the English* will shit pants over ethnic jokes about precious brown ppl BE GAY DO CRIME 8:28 PM . Sep 12, 2022 Kyle @KylePlantEmoji "Fuck Jeff Bezos" BEEF **REST** penguinz0 11.3M subscribers 4K videos SUBSCRIBE Thought Dave Chapelle and JK Rowling were Jesus four years ago a Rick and Morty "anti-Zionist, not anti-semitic" (loves Borat though) ... WAOW! Based department! *Joke about Americans, non-whites, third world countries* WTF?!! This is so not funny... You are literally being so heckin safe-edgy right now..! Ireland Luxembourg- Portugal English Channel Bay of Biscay U.K. Spain EDITERRANEAN SEA FGVBY Cairo North Sea ISRAEL & PAL LEBANO TERRITORIES Jerusalem SYRIA Beint Damascus Belgium France Balearic Islands Ammad JORD Netherlands Denmark Switzerland & *Joke about western Europe or whites* Ireland Baghdad Germany IRAQ SAUDI RABA Italy WAIT Manama Riyadh Corsica Sardinia Tyrrhenian Sea Czech Republic Slovi Mediterranean Sea Sicily GATAR Russia Poland Austria Hunga Slovenia Croatia Adriatic Sea Tebr Tehran istahan Jonia Yard IRAN UAE Shiraz Mashhad Zabe Duba Abd Dhab

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Gleaming Steel
Gleaming Steel

The overemphasis on british/french jokes is disappointing, because the core concept is pretty accurate to a lot of other groups too.

Off the top of my head, your typical "anti-racist" will have absolutely no problem making jokes about:
Irishmen being drunk wifebeaters
Scottsmen being psychos
Welshmen and Kiwis being sheepfuckers
Catholics being pedophiles
Protestants being pedophiles
Greeks being pedophiles
Rednecks being inbred
Finns being crazy drunks
Sicilians breaking knees

Ukrainian mail order bride jokes used to be safe-racism for "anti-racists" until the same invasion that also caused them to boycott a british vodka company.

I'm pretty certain the Portuguese and Spanish would be safe targets too, if not for your average "anti-racist" having no fucking clue they're actually light/tan-skinned europeans and not dark-skinned south-americans


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